Agency Life: let’s get to know each other


Discovery. It’s how we get to know you. To build a coherent strategy behind the project we’re going to conduct we need to understand you and your business. A well prepared and organised workshop places responsibilities on Coast Digital, as well as the client. The most successful Discovery workshops are about expansive thinking and are solution focused – where are we now, where do we want to be and how are we going to get there? Our aim is to:

  • Know more about you!
  • Capture a coherent set of requirements and relate them to the project’s delivery.
  • Build a structured expression of these issues which is prioritised and agreed.

It’s a balance. We want to know about you as the client. We also need to capture the requirements of the project in a structured way. Complexity is commonplace and our team are well used to dealing with this but there are limits. Robin and the team are able to work their way through quite complex marketing, technical and usability issues. If there are structural issues or seemingly irresolvable issues between a client’s own teams, then frankly, the meetings aren’t going to be the best use of a project’s budget. Resolve them first. Decide on your priorities. Then hold a workshop with the Coast Digital team.

I use the term structure a great deal. Really, I mean clarity. The studio is a flexible and fast paced environment. I want our consultants to be able to clearly express the requirements we discover. You’ll know exactly where you stand, we’ll know exactly what you mean and together we can move forward with clarity and purpose.

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