About Elixirr Digital

Welcome to Elixirr Digital, a dynamic convergence of three seasoned agencies formerly known as Coast Digital, Den Creative and iOLAP – now united under a singular banner to redefine the digital landscape!

Our journey is rooted in a shared commitment to digital excellence, fuelled by a fusion of marketing prowess, design brilliance, strategic innovation, insightful data and advanced technological solutions.


Our journey so far

Coast Digital: Crafting digital excellence

Coast Digital brought forth a legacy of crafting cutting-edge user experiences and ingenious digital marketing strategies.

More than your run-of-the-mill digital marketing agency, the team consistently delivered impactful campaigns and unforgettable content, anchored in a deep understanding of clients’ challenges and a strategic embrace of data-driven insights.

Den Creative: Masters of design and technology

Den Creative stood as a beacon of design excellence and technical mastery.

Beyond aesthetics, they embraced the challenge of transforming digital visions into reality, earning a reputation for not only designing with elegance but also excelling technically with genuine passion and attention to detail.

iOLAP: Pioneers in data analytics and IT solutions

iOLAP was a technological driving force, renowned for their innovative IT solutions and data-driven approach.

With a dynamic team of developers, data scientists, and designers, iOLAP thrived on delivering cutting-edge technology and advanced analytics. Their mantra, “Solutions happen by code, not by chance,” reflected their dedication to excellence.

Strategic Elixirr acquisitions

Our separate stories took a transformative turn following Elixirr’s acquisitions of Den Creative, Coast Digital and iOLAP in 2017, 2020, and 2022 respectively.

Elixirr, a globally acclaimed consultancy firm, infused its legacy of strategy consulting, paving the way for a unified entity that could leverage our parent company’s strength, expertise, and international presence.

The era of Elixirr Digital

Now, as Elixirr Digital, we embody a unique blend of marketing finesse, design ingenuity, strategic prowess, analytical excellence, and expertise in pioneering technology solutions.

With decades of collective experience behind us, we specialise in a holistic approach to digital solutions, offering services ranging from UX, mobile and website development to brand development, data and analytics, SEO, PPC, content marketing, and more.

Elixirr Digital isn’t just a name, it’s a promise of unparalleled excellence in the digital realm

Our portfolio stands as a testament to successful partnerships with prominent brands, showcasing our dedication to delivering measurable results.

At our core lies a passion for innovation, driven by meticulous data analysis and in-depth user insights.

We’re not only committed to meeting our clients’ expectations, we aim to exceed them, maintaining the high standard of service our clients have come to expect from us.

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Working with the wider team at Elixirr Digital has been a true partnership in elevating our SEO game. Their expertise - from strategy to execution - has seamlessly integrated with our existing efforts, fuelling consistent progress towards higher search rankings and a growing pipeline of qualified leads. We've always felt informed and involved throughout the process, thanks to their exceptional communication and transparent reporting. It's like having an extension of our own team, sharing our goals and celebrating our wins.

Stanimir Vasev,
Digital Marketing Manager, IoD

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