Friday Knowledge Share: Social Networks – What’s New?


Friday Knowledge Share is the time the team gets to sit down to share developments within the digital industry that we feel are interesting and relevant to the needs of our clients. A variety of digital topics are covered during the meetings and it is a great opportunity to find out about news that we may have missed and ways in which we can continually evolve our techniques.

This Friday we were treated to a knowledge share from our Social Media Specialist Liam, who gave us all an idea of the changes afoot with Twitter, Facebook and Google+. The session was certainly timely and brought some clarity to the recent and relatively major changes within social media including:

  • Twitter Web Analytics
  • Launch of Google+ publically
  • Recent Facebook updates from the f8 developers’ conference which included:
    • Friend lists
    • The subscribe button
    • News feed update
    • Timeline
    • Open Graph

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