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LinkedIn, the world’s leading professional network, has recently announced a significant enhancement to its Sales Navigator platform. This update opens up new avenues for marketers, providing the ability to leverage customer lists within the platform.

While the main focus of Sales Navigator has traditionally been on empowering sales teams, the implications for marketing are profound, offering loads of benefits to enhance marketing activities on the platform.

Understanding the impact

LinkedIn Sales Navigator has already proven its value for sales teams, with statistics showing impressive results. According to LinkedIn , users can experience:

  • A 17% higher win rate when saving leads on Sales Navigator
  • A 42% increase in deals when connecting with decision-makers through the platform.
  • A 15% increase in pipeline generation for those actively seeking customers on Sales Navigator.

Key features of Sales Navigator

Advanced lead and company search

Sales Navigator gives marketers more than 40 advanced search filters, allowing you to identify and focus on the right leads and accounts with pinpoint precision.

This feature means you can streamline your efforts and make sure you’re targeting the most relevant audience for your campaigns.

CRM integrations

The integration of Sales Navigator with CRM systems is a game-changer. It allows you to flag out-of-date CRM data, add key contacts directly to CRM, and bring your book of business into Sales Navigator.

This seamless integration means you get access to the most up-to-date information, improving the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.


If you work as part of a team, TeamLink is a valuable feature. It helps you identify the best ways to connect with leads through the combined network of your company.

This collaborative approach helps your entire team leverage its collective network for more effective outreach.

Buyer intent capabilities

Sales Navigator goes beyond traditional targeting by providing insights into buyer intent signals. You can now engage with buyers and accounts when ready to make a purchase, optimising the timing of your marketing efforts.

Relationship explorer

Uncovering the right path and discovering hidden allies is crucial for us marketers. The Relationship Explorer feature provides intelligent recommendations, saving time on prospecting and cross-selling to target accounts.

Incorporating Sales Navigator into your strategy

If you’re looking to make the most of Sales Navigator, it’s essential to develop winning habits. Prioritising accounts, identifying target buyers, finding hidden allies, and focusing on accounts with the most whitespace are critical steps in optimising your time and resources.

Choosing the right plan

Sales Navigator offers different plans catering to individual sales reps, larger teams, and advanced users. So you can choose a plan based on your specific needs, whether it’s supercharging their sales funnel with qualified leads, collaborating with your team, or integrating with CRM and other sales tools.

Refine your targeting, streamline workflows, and improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts

As Jagjit Singh, Manager of Sales Strategy and Transformation at Infosys, emphasises, Sales Navigator helps build connections by fostering trust and likability.

You can leverage these connections to enhance reach, engage with the right audience, and ultimately achieve your marketing objectives on LinkedIn. The future of LinkedIn advertising is evolving, and Sales Navigator is at the forefront, offering a deeper and more personalised approach to reaching target audiences.

Connect with us today and see how we can help you precisely target, engage, and win over your ideal audience on the world’s premier professional network.

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