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Indaba is an event that unites members of Elixirr and its multiple subsidiaries from across the globe. It’s a corporate cocktail of learning, networking and fun!

Intrigued? Read on to discover some of the exciting happenings that took place at Indaba Croatia 2023!

First things first, what’s an Indaba?!

Indaba is a word rooted in South African culture that means a discussion or conference.

Stephen Newton, Elixirr’s visionary founder and CEO, described his version of Indaba as an opportunity for our family of brands to gather for networking, business discussions, and of course, some much-welcomed team building – so that’s exactly what we did!

The most recent Indaba this year was hosted in Rijeka, Croatia – which happens to also be the headquarters of iOLAP, one of Elixirr’s most recently acquired subsidiaries.

On this trip, attendees were given the chance to learn more about the Elixirr story and take part in group activities to help develop our working relationships and enhance unity among our family of brands.

Day 1: Meeting the minds behind Elixirr

On the first day, we had the privilege of meeting Elixirr’s co-founders, Stephen Newton (CEO) and Graham Busby (CFO).

Together, they shared their remarkable journey on how Elixirr came to be, highlighting key success stories, milestones and acquisitions on its quest to become the best consultancy firm in the world. Their story wasn’t just impressive, it was truly inspiring.

The first activities

After our intro sesh, we split into smaller groups to tackle a series of team-building tasks. These exercises allowed us to explore each other’s strengths and the unique roles we each played in solving the tasks at hand. Our diverse range of skills, knowledge and experiences so clearly came together to enrich our collective skillsets – it was awesome!

After completing the tasks, each group presented its findings to a panel of Elixirr Partners and the rest of our colleagues, receiving useful feedback on our efforts.

While this experience definitely pushed some of us out of our comfort zones, it was a great opportunity for personal development, and it was fantastic to see such an inspiring level of enthusiasm from everyone involved!

The evening event: A celebration of success and new connections

The day ended on an even higher note with our mass attendance at iOLAP’s Summer Party and awards ceremony – celebrating in style at Rijeka’s Hilton hotel!

The event hosts held a brilliant icebreaker game at the party for those who wanted to network some more and mingle among colleagues. Coast Digital’s superstar social team had a blast creating ‘tiny mic’ interviews for our social channels – spreading the word about the brilliance of the concept behind Indaba.

These were fun ways to introduce colleagues, get to know each other better, and share a cocktail or four!

Day 2: Engaging tasks and eye-opening talks

The second day brought a fresh set of engaging tasks and insightful talks from both David Wharram – CEO of Coast Digital and Partner at Elixirr, and Chris Jordan – President and CEO of iOLAP and Partner at Elixirr.

Their insights into the acquisition process and the growth of the company were fascinating, highlighting just how much thought and effort goes into building a global, end-to-end consultancy made up of so many specialist branches.

Keep an eye on our socials!

Overall, Indaba was an eye-opening experience that went well beyond just networking and learning – friendships were formed, fun was had, and our understanding of our sister companies was solidified.

From connecting with Elixirr’s founders and learning about its origins to enhancing our professional skills and knowledge, the event offered something for everyone.

While Indaba itself is an exclusive, invite-only Elixirr event, you can catch a glimpse of some of our shenanigans on our social pages (linked right at the bottom of this page) – recorded through the expert eyes of Coast Digital’s social media specialists.

So, check out our entertaining vlogs and insightful tiny mic interviews all about our extraordinary Indaba adventure!


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