Amy Shaw

Meet Amy, our newest addition to the Account Management team! With her passion for delivering innovative solutions and a sharp eye for detail, she has quickly become a valuable member of our team. We sat down with her to get the inside scoop on how she’s settling into her new role! 

Welcome, Amy! What attracted you to join Coast Digital and what were your first impressions in your first week?

What caught my eye about Coast Digital wasn’t just the impressive track record in digital marketing, but also the warm and welcoming company culture. As someone who has always been interested in working for a digital marketing agency, I had heard a lot of great things about Coast from people in the industry. So, when I saw they were looking to hire, I was thrilled to have the chance to join them.

Now that I’ve been with the company for a while, I can safely say that I’m loving it so far! Everyone has been incredibly friendly and always willing to help. The account managers are particularly impressive – they have developed such strong relationships with their clients and clearly care deeply about their work. I’m eager to build the same kind of strong connections with my own clients and to be a part of Coast’s continued success.

What attracted you to a career in digital marketing in the first place?

Marketing has always been a subject of great interest to me, but my passion for it sparked when I was given the chance to explore the digital side of things in my previous job. I found myself constantly fascinated by how technology could be used to engage and connect with customers in new and innovative ways.

What I love most about the industry is the constant evolution and learning opportunities, there’s always something new to try out, from mastering new tools to analysing data to optimise campaigns.

What does your previous experience include and what does that bring to Coast Digital?

Before joining the team at Coast Digital, I gained invaluable experience working in advertising for a media company, where I focused on promoting specialist publications and their digital platforms.

Whilst there, I worked on some highly targeted titles for knitting and gardening enthusiasts, industries that were entirely new to me at the time. This role allowed me to quickly develop my expertise in previously unfamiliar topics, a skill that I will undoubtedly bring with me to Coast.

Additionally, I have a keen eye for detail when it comes to reviewing copy and assets, and possess excellent communication skills, which allow me to engage with individuals from all walks of life.

How do you see the role of an account manager and what do you think is the key to being successful at it?

The role of an account manager is to ensure our clients are satisfied with the work we are doing and to build strong relationships based on communication and trust. Essentially, the account manager acts as the voice of the client when it comes to briefing and overseeing the internal team. The key to being successful in this role is having excellent communication skills, being highly responsive to client needs, thinking strategically, and being super organised.

What’s exciting in digital right now?

Biometrics face tracking! Recently, I had the opportunity to experiment with some of our biometrics equipment including eye tracking, GSR & facial expression analysis, and I found it so interesting! It works by meticulously analysing facial expressions and movements, providing our team with a deeper understanding of consumer emotions, preferences, and behaviours on client websites. These insights are invaluable for market research and can be used to optimise product design, enhance customer experiences, and develop more effective marketing campaigns.

Overall, this cutting-edge technology is a powerful tool that can help our clients stay ahead of their competition by making data-driven decisions.

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