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Building a professional LinkedIn community can not only give you access to hundreds (or possibly thousands) of potential customers, but it can also:

  • Help promote your brand on a personal level  
  • Create a stronger following  
  • Ultimately grow both your LinkedIn network and your social footprint  

Read on to discover how to build, maintain and optimise this key part of your online presence. 

Why have a LinkedIn company page?  

LinkedIn is the number one professional network out there. Boasting over 800 million users and 200 million unique visits a month, it’s a great place to make meaningful connections with professional prospects, potential clients and business partners alike. 

Your LinkedIn Page is the home of your B2B brand, it connects members to your brand and to each other and needs to reflect your company’s mission and purpose.  

When your followers engage with your posts by liking or commenting, it’s more likely that your content will be seen by their connections too – increasing your reach for free! So even if the initial reach seems small, regular posting and remaining active can help grow your LinkedIn community.  

What can you do on your LinkedIn page? 

Your LinkedIn page acts as direct communication between you and your professional connections, allowing you to engage with your community authentically. Here are some suggestions direct from LinkedIn on ways you can interact with your connections:  

#1 – Contribute to conversations that matter to your business 

Contributing to key topics can boost your brand exposure, but also establish a rapport with your target industries. You could share content in various formats like polls, videos or articles – or you can react and comment on hashtag feeds that are relevant to your business.  

#2 – Know what your professional community is engaging with  

Discover content trending with your audience and drive them to carry out specific actions with a customisable call-to-action button. You can also monitor activity with visual analytics, and generate high-quality leads by viewing all of your page followers. Your follower community may include employees, customers, investors as well as prospective employees and customers. 

#3 – Engage your community  

Re-share your employees’ best mentions and LinkedIn content, you can do this by: 

  • Notifying employees of your most important page posts to extend organic reach  
  • Recognise team moments or employees with a personalised shout-out from your page  
  • Foster internal engagement through a trusted, employee-only community 

Goals of a LinkedIn page  

The way you use your LinkedIn page will depend upon your company goals. LinkedIn company pages have been able to help businesses generate brand awareness, build communities and also drive leads – so it’s important to define your goals so you can establish an approach to LinkedIn in line with those.  

As marketers, we often get asked “What should I post?” and “How often should I post?” 

The answers will always vary from business to business – there is no one rule fits all! An effective social strategy begins by asking these questions:  

  • What is your brand’s mission?  
  • What values does it stand for?  
  • Why does it exist?  

The answers to these questions will help you define your brand’s goals. Lean on the lessons of successful brands that are already leveraging LinkedIn and make a list of what their strongest tactics are. Use your goals as a guide and you will be able to map out a social strategy that works for your brand. 

To help set your LinkedIn Page up for success, try these top tips from LinkedIn: 

#1 – Know your professional community’s demographics and interests.  

#2 – Pick out relevant content that will resonate with your community.  

#3 – Generate employee excitement or create an employee advocacy programme to help amplify your organic reach. 

#4 – Align resources internally: maintaining an active LinkedIn Page takes time. Identify your Page admins, train them and sync regularly. 

What about content?  

Posting content regularly keeps your brand top of mind for your audience. You should ensure you’re maintaining an active presence whilst still providing value to your audience with these tips:  

#1 – Take stock of your content inventory 

Evergreen content can be equally effective if it’s relevant to the community you are building, you can make use of existing content resources like posts from other platforms, case studies or reports etc. A quick change of perspective can bring new life to an existing piece of content.  

#2 – Post and engage regularly 

Every brand is unique, and it will take some experimentation to find the right post frequency and the best time of day to reach your audience.  

We recommend that you aim to post to your LinkedIn Page at least 4 times a week for a noticeable engagement uplift.  And don’t forget to engage with your community by responding to comments!  

#3 – Engage your community with content that matters to them 

  • Add images and videos 
  • Upload documents such as PDFs or PPTs 
  • Post polls for quick engagement  
  • Repurpose existing content to give it a new life 
  • Reshare your brand’s best mentions 

How do I know if it’s working? 

When looking for key metrics for your page, there are two main options – page activity and page analytics: 

  • Page activity will give you insights into what people are saying about your brand.  
  • Page analytics will help you understand if you’re building the right professional community according to your goals 
  • The Analytics tab gives you an overview of your Page performance and allows you to examine who is visiting your LinkedIn Page and engaging with your content, using data such as: 
    • Number of unique visitors in the last 30 days 
    • Trends of unique visitors or page views over time 
    • Demographic breakdown of your visitors and followers 
    • Engagement metrics: number of likes, comments and shares per post and over time 
    • Competitor benchmarks 
    • Employee advocacy metrics 

Want to boost your brand presence on LinkedIn? Get in touch with our friendly social media experts to improve your organic ratings.  

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