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BrightonSEO is host to thousands of marketing experts and aspiring marketers every year. If you’ve never experienced it before, you should expect industry leaders discussing ways to improve your digital marketing, thousands of friendly like-minded individuals who love a chat, and of course the free swag – which this year included water bottles, ice creams and sweets, plus so much more!

One clear message

All the speakers I saw this year had one clear message – “Talk to your customers like a human being!” Many of us have heard this before. However, BrightonSEO’s speakers encouraged marketers like myself to think outside the box.

With 8 stages and over 30 talks, it was difficult to see and hear everything, however I took a few things away from Brighton, alongside the ice-cream and water bottles.

  1. Change the way we look for keywords. Use tools such as and review sites in order to see what your current and potential customers are saying about your brand/product. You can then incorporate these terms into your landing pages, social media and ad copy.
  2. Trial new bidding methods within AdWords. The Google system is becoming very clever now-a-days and we should learn to trust it. Trial new bidding methods such as “Target ROAS”.
  3. Include keywords within Google Shopping titles. Google Shopping is a competitive space and research has shown that in some industries within the UK, prices can actually change up to 6 times a day. It is important that your ads are in the right place and users know exactly what they are clicking.
  4. Don’t forget your current customers. It can cost 5 times more to acquire new users than to re-engage existing ones, so include current customers in your remarketing campaigns. When creating a remarketing campaign to existing customers, remember the aim of the campaign… Who do you want to re-market to and why? Plus don’t forget that you can combine channels.
  5. Stop copying your competitors! They don’t know what they are doing either!Trial, test and repeat, think about what makes your company unique and different to your competitors. When creating content and ad campaigns, always remember to ask yourself: “what is it worth to my business?”

There seemed to be a big change in BrightonSEO this year. It was less best practice advice and more getting us as marketers to think differently. I saw many examples of over-used ad copy and, with the increase of voice search, the ways users are finding your product/service/brand is changing and it is our job as marketers to keep up.

Thanks for having me Brighton, it was a great day and you’ve given me loads of ideas to use within my own campaigns. See you next year!

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