Experiences of being a London 2012 Games Maker


More than 70,000 volunteers helped make the London 2012 Olympics an amazing success for the entire nation. These volunteers, known formally as ‘Games Makers’, took control of a variety of different roles to ensure everything ran smoothly throughout the two week period: from greeting visitors to working behind the scenes ensuring that the results tables were displayed correctly.

Games Maker recruitment started in 2010 and over 240,000 people applied. They were specifically looking for people to be inspirational, open, respectful, team-focused and have a ‘can do’ attitude. One of the successful candidates was our Systems Administrator here at Coast Digital, James Dyer.

James Dyer

What made you decide to apply as a volunteer?

It offered such a unique way to experience this once in a lifetime event. Getting to be part of the team that helped make the Olympic Games in our home country run smoothly was something I couldn’t miss out on.

Team GB

Why were you selected?

It was a mixture of attitude and skills. The organisers wanted Games Makers who would help make all visitors and athletes at the games feel welcome and at ease. My IT background was vital for the role I was chosen to perform.

What was your role?

IT Technician Team Member. I was part of the team tasked with supporting the PC’s laptops and printers across the entire Olympic park.

Olympic Park

What were your favourite moments from your time as a Games Maker?

There are two things which particularly stand out. One was getting to watch the opening ceremony rehearsal in the stadium. It was incredible to see and I was so excited for what the audience had in store for them on the actual night.

The second highlight was just the overwhelming number of people who approached me to thank me for being a volunteer. It was really humbling. This happened throughout the games and on my tube journey home and included visitors from all over the world and the athletes themselves. I think it stands as testament to the fantastic organisational success of the London games.

I also loved the roar that would erupt form the various venues, whenever the British athletes won a medal.

Olympic Rings

What are you overall thoughts and feelings from your experience?

I am just so incredibly glad that I took part. I have no regrets and had such a wonderful time that I have applied to volunteer at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. I cannot recommend being part of something like the Olympics enough.

It is such a positive experience and brilliant to see so many countries gathered together and getting on. As a nation, I think we really managed to pull off a fantastic and superbly organised Olympics. I’ve heard so much feedback from all over the world, rating London 2012 as the best Olympics so far.

It is also good to see what the games have done for Stratford. The regeneration in the area has been remarkable and most of the locals I spoke to said it had been such a great boost for their home. I think the legacy from these games will be a very positive one and I hope it inspires and encourages many Brits to take up sports that they might not ever have otherwise.

Clearly James enjoyed his time as a Games Maker and grasped the rare chance to be part of a home Olympics. Here at Coast Digital, we are extremely proud of James and the work he did to help make the London 2012 games one of the greatest sporting events of our lifetime.

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