My experiences as a Coast Digital Intern


Why did you choose to do your work experience at Coast Digital, what attracted you?

I initially discovered Coast Digital through a lecture we had on my college course covering the prospect of starting up your own business. The speaker was James Frost, founder and Managing Director of Coast Digital.

He told the story of how he approached the concept of setting up his own business and the journey he took. I enjoyed it hugely and immediately spoke to my course tutor to discuss the possibility of James becoming my mentor as part of the Career Academy.

I knew I wanted to create my own business online; however I didn’t know where to begin. I knew that Coast Digital had all the tools and resources available to help me learn. Which is why, with the help of my new mentor James, I chose Coast Digital as the workplace for my 6 week internship.

What have you been doing?

I was a little worried that a large part of my day to day activities would involve shadowing existing employees in their fields of expertise or making cups of tea. On the contrary, I’ve actually been involved with producing my own website and online business. I’ve had the opportunity to experience every step a client would take with the digital agency in setting up their business online, and the whole process has been fascinating.

Robby and Darren

What have you learnt?

Above all I’ve learnt about the amount of work that actually goes in to creating and marketing a successful website. Every step of the way I’ve learnt about design, development and best practices. As well as how to advertise and market a business online through social media, SEO (which I didn’t even know existed prior to my time here), marketing through e-mails and affiliate marketing.

Before my internship I had no real idea of what I wanted to do once I’d completed my college course if I’m totally honest. After my experiences here however, it has definitely given me a better idea of what I’d like to do once I finish my A-levels.

What has Coast Digital been like as a place to work?

A lot different than what I’d thought it would be like. I initially assumed it was going to be a lot more of a complex environment, a little more regimented. I was pleasantly surprised at how much of a relaxed environment it turned out to be. The people were very welcoming, friendly, warm and very helpful, and chatty.

What do you think the biggest takeaway will be from this experience?

Well first and foremost I now have my own affiliate website which was started from scratch at the beginning of my internship. The website is now more or less finished with finishing touches needed before it goes fully live.

On top of that I’ll also be able to take away some of the skills and ability to create my own websites in the future with the knowledge I have taken away from my time here at Coast Digital. The experience of a working environment was also very beneficial, and will certainly be useful for the future.

Has the experience made you consider a career in the digital industry?

It’s definitely made me consider it; there are so many different opportunities in this sector. It’s so fast moving, with new developments all the time ensuring it never gets repetitive. Every client I’ve seen is different with its own unique challenges.

What has been your most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment has been ending my internship today by going out for a team lunch. Although I did not have a delicious sandwich, I did have a very respectable and tasty lasagne. On top of that, it was a really good lunch with the coasties. I will miss them all, they’re a top group!

Oh and I almost forgot, up there with the most memorable moments was Lewy’s face when I left him speechless after my magic trick. He said, and I quote, “It was the same amazement as a Father would have seeing his child tie their shoelace for the first time”.

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