Work experience at Coast Digital


Toby Kearton joined the Coast Digital team a fortnight ago for a two week work experience placement. Today is his final day and we thought we’d ask him some questions and let him share his experiences with you all.

Why did you choose to do your work experience at Coast Digital, what attracted you?

I chose Coast Digital for my work experience placement as I have a keen interest in the IT industry, undertaking personal projects in my spare time such as digital animation and promoting my videos on YouTube as a hobby. I’ve also been looking into the digital marketing industry, of which I am aware Coast Digital is at the forefront of, and have found a particular interest in both the social marketing and design elements.

What have you been doing?

In my two weeks here I have been involved in helping out on a project for one of Coast’s biggest clients, which has been really exciting. I have been using my skills in animation to help bring some existing animations on the client’s website up to date. This involved developing a storyboard and using software to design and create my updated animations.

Once I had created the animation I put together a presentation of my own and delivered it myself to the client. It was nerve-racking to begin with but after the first couple of slides I began to feel a lot more comfortable and really enjoyed it.

What have you learnt?

The biggest thing I’ve learnt is how a company in this industry operates. It’s been really interesting to sit with different areas of the business and get a feel for how they work to achieve their goals. I’ve also learnt a lot about project management with the project I’ve been involved in myself, and how to communicate with clients in a professional manner. I’ve also learnt that Lewy is in fact an incredible office DJ too!

What has Coast Digital been like as a place to work?

It has been great fun, the people are absolutely fantastic and have been really supportive. The fact that I got the chance to actually be involved in a client project was more than I imagined I’d be doing. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here and everyone I’ve worked alongside.

What do you think the biggest takeaway will be from this experience?

My biggest takeaway of the past two weeks will be the skills I’ve learnt with keeping deadlines, creating presentations and managing client expectations.

Has the experience made you consider a career in the digital industry?

Yes definitely, this experience has given me a fantastic insight into the digital industry and in particular the creative element which I thoroughly enjoyed. I think this is a career I will be aiming for when I finish my studies.

What has been your most memorable moment?

When I went out for lunch with the rest of the team and ate a delicious sandwich. Also when Lewy showed me an amazing magic trick. Keep an eye on that fella, he’s the next Dynamo!

It has been an absolute pleasure to have Toby with us for the past two weeks. He has been incredibly enthusiastic and hard working, producing some fantastic work for us. We wish him the very best of luck in the future and who knows, one day we may see him sitting at a desk here at Coast Digital.

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