3 ways to give your link building some oomph


Let’s face it, building good quality and relevant links to your website is an integral part of any SEO strategy. Link building should be a large part of your ongoing SEO tasks, and everyone has their own methods and places to go to get them.

It’s easy though, to run out of ideas once you’ve been building links for a few months and exhausted your regular resources.

Take a look at a few of our ideas to give you extra oomph in link building.

Social bookmarking
Social bookmaking sites such as, Simpy and Furl allow you to ‘bookmark’ web pages online. Google indexes each user’s bookmarks, and therefore any bookmarks for your site get picked up as inbound links. It’s quick, easy and effective, you can deep-link to pages in your site, and you control the anchor text.

Another great thing about social bookmarking is that when you post a bookmark, it will appear in the ‘latest bookmarks’ page. This will open it up to the rest of the networks users.

Industry blogs and forums
Get involved in all the industry forums and blogs that you possibly can. If possible add your site to the footer of your posts. Not only you can get involved in interesting industry discussions, increase your knowledge base, and grow your industry contacts, but it means building inbound links to your site as well.

“My industry is very niche; there isn’t an industry blog/forum.” Start one! However small your industry is, you’ll find you’re not the only person who wants to talk about it online. Starting your own blog/forum also allows you to have much greater control over the content.

Link baiting
Let the links come to you! Link baiting is all about attracting links the natural way. Add some good quality content to your site that someone will enjoy (or hate) enough to link to it. Write something that will generate interest from your users, or other industry websites. Whether it is a controversial theory, or giving something for (essentially) nothing, as long as it gets you noticed, you’ll more than likely get links.

This is much more difficult than it sounds. If you’re stuck for link baiting ideas, check out this article on the art of link baiting. It gives a comprehensive look at the different types of link bait.

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