We’re thrilled to announce that Coast Digital and Den Creative have joined forces to become Elixirr Digital. This strategic move is a significant milestone in our journey, initiated by our respective acquisitions by Elixirr, the renowned global consultancy firm. Den Creative became a part of the Elixirr family in 2017, followed by Coast Digital in 2020.

This rebranding as Elixirr Digital signifies our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional digital solutions, leveraging our parent company’s strength, expertise, and international presence.

What this means for our clients

Our clients can rest assured that this transition will seamlessly integrate the strengths of both companies, without impacting the quality, delivery, or management of current projects.

Elixirr Digital is uniquely positioned to offer an enriched spectrum of services and digital capabilities. We are dedicated to not just meeting but surpassing the ever-changing needs of our clients, and our united team is committed to maintaining this high standard of service and innovation.

“As we unite through Elixirr Digital, we’re more committed than ever to delivering the digital excellence you’ve come to expect from us. This name change may seem big, but our core – our dedication to our clients and innovative solutions – remains unchanged. We’re excited to start this new chapter and look forward to seeing what we can achieve together.”
David Wharram, CEO of Elixirr Digital.

Join us for the next chapter of our exciting journey

Having merged to become one entity, we bring a holistic approach to digital marketing, UX, design, and technology solutions. Our combined legacy reinforces our commitment to driving digital transformation and success for our clients.

Talk to us today to discover how Elixirr Digital can revolutionise your digital marketing efforts.