We’re proud to announce that we have become an official Infinity Call Tracking Partner, following our completion of a 5-week training course.  

What is Infinity Call Tracking? 

Analytics provide essential insights into how well your marketing campaigns, website, and other forms of content are performing. Phone calls, however, are often overlooked when it comes to analysing opportunities for improvement. 

Infinity Call Tracking tracks phone calls made to a business, giving companies access to a wide range of data. This impressive technology is able to analyse the topic of a conversation, the sentiment, and the outcome of the phone call.  

Calls are tracked by placing a tracking number on marketing materials – including things like leaflets, brochures, paid social media posts, email marketing and websites – to understand where the call came from and what channels are working best. This gives you the rare opportunity to link your online and offline campaigns.  

The data this platform provides is invaluable and can be used to improve campaigns, customer engagement, and customer journeys.  

Unleash the power of call tracking  

Thanks to our 5-week training course, our staff are now experts in Infinity Call Tracking and understand how to get the best results out of the platform. 

Get in touch to find out how we can help support your business with Infinity Call Tracking. 

“We pride ourselves on finding and partnering with innovative technology that achieves very specific goals – to help our customers get better digital performance.”

– David Wharram, CEO of Coast Digital