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As a seasoned programmatic digital agency, we’ve navigated through the landscape of various DSP giants, testing the waters with the big players in the industry. In the ever-evolving realm of digital advertising, selecting the right DSP is crucial for advertisers seeking to amplify their reach, boost engagement, and achieve overall campaign success.

Today, our focus is on StackAdapt—an exceptional Demand-Side Platform which has captured our attention.

Join us as we delve into the distinctive advantages StackAdapt presents, exploring the opportunities it brings to the forefront of programmatic advertising excellence.

Inventory and Integrations

StackAdapt stands out with its versatility across multiple channels, providing a complete solution for advertisers seeking diverse avenues to connect with their target audience. From Native and Display to Video, Connected TV, Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), In-Game, and Audio, this all-encompassing solution enables advertisers to expand their reach strategically.

StackAdapt seamlessly integrates with major SSPs and publishers, ensuring high quality through rigorous internal vetting. With an impressive average viewability score of 70%, StackAdapt offers a strong chance your campaigns will be seen by the right audience in a brand-safe environment.

Comprehensive Multi-Channel Capabilities

Let’s explore how StackAdapt stands out:

  1. Native and Display: StackAdapt seamlessly integrates native and display advertising, offering a versatile canvas for creative expression. Whether it’s blending seamlessly into content or capturing attention with visual appeal, StackAdapt ensures your brand resonates effectively.
  2. Video: Harness the power of video to convey compelling brand narratives and engage audiences on a deeper level. StackAdapt’s video capabilities extend across multiple platforms, enhancing the potential for widespread visibility.
  3. Connected TV: StackAdapt enables advertisers to tap into the growing Connected TV audience, delivering immersive and impactful experiences directly to viewers.
  4. Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH): Extend your reach beyond the digital realm with DOOH capabilities, ensuring your message is prominently displayed in physical spaces for enhanced brand visibility.
  5. In-Game: Reach gamers where they are most engaged with In-Game advertising, providing a unique opportunity for interactive brand experiences.
  6. Audio: Leverage the power of audio advertising on various platforms to create memorable brand connections.

By combining multiple channels, StackAdapt empowers advertisers with a comprehensive toolkit to create synchronised and impactful campaigns.

Cookieless audiences: Preparing for the future

StackAdapt’s platform not only offers a range of intuitive targeting solutions but also adopts an innovative cookie-free approach, anticipating the evolving landscape of digital advertising. With increasing concerns about privacy and impending changes in browser policies, the reliance on cookies is becoming less effective and more restricted.

By moving away from cookie dependency, StackAdapt future-proofs your campaigns. As browsers implement stricter privacy measures, the cookie-free approach ensures that your targeting strategies remain effective and compliant with evolving regulations. This proactive stance minimizes the risk of disruptions to your campaigns when cookies become less prevalent, but also fosters a more positive user experience.

The use of alternative technologies, such as Custom Browsing Audiences and Page Context AI, allows StackAdapt to maintain a high level of targeting precision without compromising on the depth of audience insights. This ensures your campaigns continue to reach the right audience at scale, even in a cookieless environment.

B2B Marketing

For those venturing into B2B marketing, StackAdapt’s partnerships with industry leaders such as Lead Forensics and Bombora provide unparalleled access to high-quality B2B audiences, ensuring the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Lead Forensics partnership: Empowers advertisers to identify and target businesses actively visiting their websites in real-time. This real-time identification allows for timely and targeted engagement, ensuring that B2B campaigns reach businesses when their interest is piqued.
  • Bombora partnership: Enables advertisers to understand the online behaviour and intent signals of businesses. This valuable data equips advertisers with the knowledge to tailor their campaigns based on the specific interests and needs of their target B2B audiences.

StackAdapt: The “TL;DR” bit

StackAdapt stands out in the crowded DSP landscape, offering a tailored and intelligent platform that addresses the diverse needs of advertisers across different verticals.

While different DSPs may be suitable for varying advertisers and campaign objectives, StackAdapt’s unique features make it a standout choice for those seeking a comprehensive and performance-driven solution.

To find out how StackAdapt could improve your programmatic advertising, why not get in touch with a member of our team? We’ll be happy to discuss options with you, just use the details on our contact page to start the ball rolling. 

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