Daniel Awomuti

We are thrilled to welcome Daniel Awomuti to our team as our new Account Manager! With tonnes of industry experience under his belt, Daniel is a digital marketing guru, and in this article, he shares his journey into digital marketing and how his background has shaped his approach to the industry. 


Welcome, Daniel! What attracted you to join Coast and what were your first impressions in your first week?

I was drawn to Coast Digital because of the company’s reputation as one of the UK’s leading digital marketing agencies. The team is made up of extremely talented individuals who know their stuff when it comes to digital marketing. Not only that, but everyone is super dedicated to delivering the best possible service to clients all day, every day.

My first week was really impressive! The culture is amazing and I have already got a sense of how everyone works together to deliver high-quality work. It’s all about teamwork and collaboration here, which means, with the help of the specialists and the strategy teams, we can come together and offer solutions to any challenges our clients may be facing – making Coast Digital a super effective partner for businesses looking for digital marketing solutions.

Most importantly, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming which has made me feel like part of the family from day one – plus, I was treated to a lovely welcome meal and drinks too. I can’t wait to see what the future holds at Coast Digital

What attracted you to a career in digital marketing in the first place?

The forever-evolving industry is what attracted me to digital marketing. I enjoy learning and implementing new products and features, which constantly keeps me on the lookout for new ideas. As a digital account manager, I can analyse current performance and suggest useful tactics to implement in order to gain the highest ROI for our clients.

This data-driven approach makes it very easy for us to prove our worth and allows our clients to see which strategies are most effective. This gives us the opportunity to share successful strategies across the business and build a robust knowledge base for all our clients.

What does your previous experience include, and what does that bring to Coast Digital?

Before joining Coast Digital, I gained extensive experience in account management and digital marketing strategies at a full-service marketing agency. My role focused on digital strategies, project management and general marketing solutions, which has given me a deep understanding of the industry trends and the necessary skills to deliver exceptional results for clients.

I’m excited to leverage this experience to offer game-changing strategies that will help our clients achieve their digital marketing goals. By combining my expertise with Coast Digital’s exceptional team and resources, I’m sure we’ll be able to deliver amazing results for our clients.

What’s involved in the role of an account manager and what do you think is the key to being successful in the role?

As a digital account manager, I aim to have a sound understanding of all relevant digital marketing tools and channels to help our clients achieve their strategic objectives. The role is purely customer focused and has a customer-centric mindset, placing our client needs and goals at the centre of our decision-making.

To do this, we must make sure that we have a deep understanding of the client’s business, industry and audiences to align ourselves with their goals. I have strong problem-solving skills and the ability to think critically, which helps me to identify and resolve issues as quickly as possible. I can also identify products/services that will act as a tactical solutions for businesses too.

As a successful digital account manager, I have a clear understanding of the necessary skills and qualities needed to effectively manage and grow client relationships. I know that my success in my role depends on my ability to communicate effectively with my clients and team, both orally and in writing to build trust and lasting relationships. I can manage multiple projects simultaneously, prioritise tasks and delegate responsibilities to team members to make sure that all campaigns are delivered on time and within set budgets.

What’s exciting in digital now?

There are many exciting developments in the digital marketing space right now, but the most exciting aspect for me is the implementation of AI. AI is transforming the way businesses approach marketing, enabling them to efficiently analyse data, automate processes and provide a more personalised experience for users.

Features such as AI chatbots will be able to act as 24/7 customer support, handling routine queries, and allowing human agents to focus more on complex or physical tasks. And AI-powered voice assistants will allow consumers to interact with brands using more natural language and behaviour, creating a more engaging and frictionless experience for users.

I believe AI should be used as a tool to assist businesses rather than replace employees. Overall, the use of AI will help businesses optimise their campaigns and allocate budgets more effectively, leading to better ROI and higher conversion rates over time.

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