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Find out why video marketing is a powerful medium and discover how to get started, optimise your existing video campaigns, or measure their performance in our series of video marketing mini guides. 

What is video marketing and why does it matter?  

As far as storytelling goes, video is (for the most part) a much more engaging medium than pretty much any text-based marketing. In fact, video marketing allows you to powerfully – and perhaps more meaningfully – connect with your target audience and cultivate leads more effectively.  

Engaging “time-poor” people in a society that consumes content in ever-decreasing fragments means we marketers must work harder than ever to capture and keep the attention of our target audiences.  

Science has taught us that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than it processes text. Plus, viewers supposedly retain 95% of a message when watched in a video compared to 10% retention when reading the same message from a text-based source. Plus, quite simply, people just love watching videos! 

If, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, then the value of a video is priceless.  

How can video marketing benefit businesses?  

Without spoiling the contents of our mini guides before you’ve had a chance to read them, there are a shedload of ways in which video marketing benefits businesses – here are just a few:  

Increase purchase intent and drive conversions 

According to WyzOwl’s 2021 State of Video Marketing report, 84% of consumers say they have been persuaded to purchase a product or service by brand marketing videos.  

Boost brand engagement and visibility 

Video content gives your customers a compelling way to learn about, and interact with, your brand, as well as your products/services. 

Strengthen customer relationships  

Video is a great way to connect with your audience while building and strengthening brand reliability, legitimacy and ratings. 

Support SEO and drive traffic  

Search engines love optimised video content almost as much as your customers do, and high-quality videos go a long way towards supporting the natural authority of your website and driving more traffic. 

Download our video marketing mini guide series for free 

Instead of throwing a tonne of information about video marketing at you all at once, we’ve broken the topic down into 3 simple and easily consumable mini guides so you can get stuck into the content that interests you most. 

Our video marketing mini guide series includes: 

  • An Introduction to Video Marketing 
  • How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy 
  • How to Enhance Your Video Marketing Campaigns 

Guide #1: An Introduction to Video Marketing 

This guide covers: 

  • How video marketing works 
  • The different types of marketing videos 
  • How video marketing benefits businesses 

This guide is for:  

  • Anyone looking to learn about video marketing
  • Video marketing novices looking for further insights
  • Marketers considering using video marketing 

Download the guide > 

Guide #2: How to Create a Successful Video Marketing Strategy 

This guide covers: 

  • How to define your video marketing goals 
  • The different types of videos you can make 
  • How to optimise videos and measure video campaign performance 

This guide is for:  

  • Marketers looking to create a video strategy
  • Marketers looking to supercharge their current video strategy 

Download the guide > 

Guide #3: How to Enhance Your Video Marketing Campaigns 

This guide covers: 

  • How to optimise your video campaigns
  • The importance of test and learn techniques 
  • Why emotional responses to videos matter 
  • How to measure emotional responses to videos 

This guide is for:  

Download the guide > 

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