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Meet Bhavesh, the latest addition to our expert team of UX Consultants! Bhavesh has hit the ground running and is already impressing clients with his extensive knowledge of creating user-centric websites.
We caught up with Bhavesh to ask him a few questions about his experience so far.

Welcome, Bhavesh! How has your first couple of weeks at Coast Digital been?

The first couple of weeks at Coast have been very good, which was to be expected based on my early conversations that I had with the CEO David whilst interviewing.

I have instantly noticed how supportive and helpful my colleagues are. The processes have been well organised; from onboarding to team introductions. It was also great to see that I had a ready-made schedule, allowing me to get straight to work on projects.

What attracted you to digital and UX particularly?

My curiosity, as with everything, is to see how everything works. As a kid, I used to look behind my telly to see the actors. Sadly, they weren’t there! But my curiosity continued advancing with my age and just like that, I was lucky enough to be growing up in the iPhone era, which brought in development of apps. As with my curiosity, I started exploring and was fascinated by the process and ideology that surrounded UI/UX design.

I later turned my attention to UX design, as it involved considering multiple factors to improve the core experience – which was crucial. I am always excited to start a new UX project and also, I am proud to say that what I do matters and makes users feel considered.

How has UX changed since you started working in it?

Since I discovered UX, businesses are now recognising its importance. Moreover, the field of UX is seeing more and more collaboration with other verticals like service design and science, uncovering new practises such as biometric testing (which is something that I am very excited to use here at Coast Digital). A lot of importance is being given to data and to translating that data into a unique experience.

What is the biggest consideration for a client when undertaking a new web project?

Understanding the importance of User Experience – and by that I don’t just mean ease of navigation or use of desired products – but more that clients should be looking at UX as an extension of their brand. Businesses should believe in data and design recommendations, be considering the behaviours of their target audience(s), and be asking questions such as “what are our competitors doing in terms of website features?”

What is exciting about UX right now?

Currently, UX design is moving away slightly from ease of use towards actual experiences, which takes into account a lot of different human behaviour. Incorporating behavioural science into web designs gives designers an edge, because it keeps the users’ needs at the core of a website and, because it’s backed up by data, it makes the interface easier to use. It’s exciting to see how design will be adapted to users’ personas which, in time, can help clients to boost their business exponentially. This excites me, as it’s expanding the scope of UX and changing the landscape of web design.

If you’d like to talk to a friendly member of the team about our user experience services here at Coast, give us a call today on 0845 482 0472!

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