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A lot of our clients’ main goals when it comes to campaigns are that they either want to maximise conversion rates and/or generate a high return on ad spend (ROAS). However, exposing their product or service to their target audience just once is not going to be enough!

Since the invention of the world wide web in 1989, the way people interact and shop has completely changed. People are everywhere and they expect brands to be too.

In this article, find out about the role of omnipresence in marketing and why it makes a difference to brand success.

What it Means to be Omnipresent

Google defines omnipresent as ‘widely or constantly encountered; widespread’. The word is often associated with religion (God being everywhere). However, now it is also used as an approach to marketing, with the gist being that brands need to be available and engaged regardless of time or location.

Getting your brand’s message across to customers as many times as possible can really make a positive impact on your results.

You might now be asking yourself, “is it even possible to be everywhere at the same time?” My answer to you is YES, IT IS!

In marketing there is no limit to exposure. However, it is possible for brands to have too much exposure so the message you want to get across really needs to stand out and incite action.

Achieving omnipresence is not a simple task and requires a lot of preparation and hard work, but it is an attainable goal and well worth the effort.

Take Risks and STAND OUT!

Most of the time, brands will only want to work with strategies where they can estimate the future results, which does reduce a lot of risks. However, when brands take a risk, they are less likely to blend in with their competitors, ultimately making themselves STAND OUT!

Be the brand that is different. Standing out through criticism or compliments is a step closer to achieving omnipresence. Be the brand in your industry that comes to mind first and try to make sure that it’s a positive association!

If you want a short-term fix to gain a few conversions, omnipresence is not for you. It is a big commitment, but you will reap the advantages when implemented correctly.

The Advantages of Staying Committed

There are four main advantages of omnipresence in marketing:

  1. Be the first brand that comes to mind when someone thinks about your industry. What is the first brand that comes to mind when you think coffee? Starbucks? A truly omnipresent brand, that’s the level of recognition available to brands when they repeatedly put in the legwork.
  2. Get recognised! When your brand is always everywhere people will start to recognise it. When people recognise your brand, they are immediately more interested in your message.
  3. Reducing sensitivity to price. People are prepared to pay more for brands that they recognise, which builds trust between the customer and the brand, and this leads to loyal, returning customers.
  4. Authority positioning. This is when people immediately link your industry to your brand. When you achieve this, you are an expert in your industry.

Fundamentals to Applying Omnipresence in the Right Way

Kicking off your journey towards achieving omnipresence all comes down to 5 key considerations:

  • Type of traffic: Decide what kind of traffic you are going for.
  • Platform: Decide what platforms you want to use to acquire that traffic.
  • Content: Create customised content that will suit the traffic you are targeting.
  • Timing and Frequency: Decide which times of the day and how frequently you want to show your content – this is where audience research is essential.

Every Brand Must Start Somewhere

Consumer behaviour has been ever-changing for the last 32 years, since the creation of the world wide web, and every day there is something new to learn. Now people can always be everywhere and as a brand, you need to be too!

Be the risk taker that you know you are deep down and STAND OUT! Criticism or compliments, you will be a step closer to achieving omnipresence.

Don’t be shy! Be the first brand that comes to mind and get recognised. Be like brands such as Starbucks, Nike, Coca-Cola! They are ahead of the game now, but let’s not forget that they started in the same place as you.

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