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Have you met … Natalie?

In part two of our Meet the Team series, we bring you the writer responsible for our own content here at Coast and the wordsmith behind some of our clients’ most successful content marketing campaigns – our Digital Copywriter of three years, Natalie Charles. Whether it’s time for you to enhance your SEO, create content for your email campaign or website, or craft powerful copy that converts, Natalie is here to form the words.

Meet the Team – Copywriter, Natalie Charles

How did you get into copywriting?

I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing and, at some point in my early teens, I decided that I’d love to one day make a living out of my appreciation for the written word.

Originally, I wanted to write films and it was while I was at Uni studying for a degree in Screenwriting that I first started working as a part-time freelance copywriter. During that time, I really got into writing persuasive promotional material created for the sole purpose of inciting a specific reaction. Once I’d faced up to the fact that I wasn’t going to walk out of Uni and straight into a Hollywood screenwriter’s office, I turned my attention to acquiring a more realistic role.

I chose to work for a digital marketing agency because I believe that, although print marketing absolutely still has its place, it’s clear that we are now undeniably slap bang in the middle of the digital age and we’re not looking back!

Do you find there are misconceptions about what your role is?

I find that one of the most common misconceptions about copywriting is that “it’s easy and anyone can do it.” It’s not and they can’t. Effective copywriting calls for at least a basic understanding of marketing, psychology and human behaviour. Having a good command of spelling, grammar, and the English language in general is also vital.

Another misconception I’ve noticed is the belief that copywriters sell the features of a given product or service. On the contrary, the old adage “features tell, benefits sell” is much more accurate and relevant. A good copywriter doesn’t sell the state-of-the-art mattress, they sell the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had.

What’s your favourite kind of project to work on?

I’m not sure if I’d call it my ‘favourite’ per se, but I really enjoy SEO writing. I like that it’s all about creating content that appeals to the target audience but that’s also suitably optimised for search engines. For me, that’s what being a digital copywriter is all about – striking a balance between writing as an art form and writing as a science.

Anything else you want to share?

What I would say to anyone who is thinking about a career as a copywriter is to consider working for a marketing agency. For me, the variety in work as an agency-side copywriter is what keeps the role interesting. It’s very rare that any two days are the same for me and I truly love having the flexibility and freedom to write in different styles for different formats.

Also, copywriting is great for those who love to learn. If you’re lucky enough to work with a variety of clients and brands across a broad spectrum of industries and sectors, then copywriting involves constant research and learning, which I think is brilliant!

You can check out some of Natalie’s articles here.

Having a Copywriter like Natalie who gets as passionate about getting it right for your business as you do, is the difference between a good digital presence and a great one.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about how Coast Digital’s copywriters can help your business, give us a call on 0845 450 2086.



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