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There is often a misconception that content marketing and SEO are not integrated, and even theories around content marketing taking over SEO for good – but this makes no sense to me.

For all intents and purposes, content marketing and traditional SEO are working towards the same goal. They are designed to make suitable pages appear high up in search engine results pages and bring in relevant organic traffic.

The way in which content marketing really differs to SEO though, is that it’s really all about topics, trends and your overall content strategy.

Content marketing will be different for every industry. So, in order to make the best use of it you must produce content for relevant topics to your niche, particularly if they are current or trending.

You should create unique content for all relevant topics in your niche which is fresh, engaging and relevant. I like to think of ‘Field of Dreams’ as an analogy for content marketing… “If you build it, they will come!”. So, make sure that you have an article for it, whatever the topic might be.

if you build it they will come

The main differences between SEO & content marketing

SEO is different because it’s more defined by optimising your existing site and fixing technical issues, and building links, rather than creating new content pages.

SEO is narrower and more technical, whereas content marketing is broader and more holistic, which generally gives you the ability to be more creative and think outside of the conventional SEO box.

So, how do they converge?

We have established that SEO and content marketing are similar – but different. So, how do they work together?

There are of course specific SEO techniques we apply to give any page the maximum chance of ranking well in search engines, and unsurprisingly these techniques are vital when getting your content to rank well too.

These techniques include keyword research preparation, optimisation of meta titles and descriptions, optimisation of headers, inbound link building and making internal links, schema mark-up application, and of course the keyword rich content itself.

Possibly the oldest adage in SEO: “Content is king!”, is still highly relevant in 2020. Websites still need rich, unique and informative content throughout in order to be favoured by search engines. And this goes for all the pages on the site, not just the blog…

Google loves fresh content, as well as a technically sound site. You must relentlessly tackle the technical SEO issues with your site, and at the same time you must continuously create fresh, engaging content. This is a sure-fire way to be noticed and positively regarded by search engine algorithms.


In recent years it’s becoming more and more apparent that content marketers and SEO’s are one and the same, or at least they should be… It’s a fundamental part of not only optimising your blog, but the rest of the pages on your site too.

Websites which are not consistently creating unique content are falling by the wayside, and their domain authority may be damaged beyond repair. Therefore, it’s vital that your website has both a solid SEO and content strategy, which complement each other.

Here at Coast, our copywriting and content marketing experts are well-versed in crafting powerful copy that both ranks and converts. If you’d like help tailoring your content to your target audience, give us a call today on 0845 450 2086.

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