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Social media is quickly becoming the shop window displays of the digital age. And while shopping for gifts online in the festive season is enchantingly personalised, the “magic” of advertising via social media is all in the strategy.

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Getting your offering in front of your customers

The truth is that businesses are using social media marketing to get their products or services in front of the right customers during the festive season.

“That ‘aha moment’ can come courtesy of a direct conversation on Messenger. That present Grandma loved? Not unearthed by elves, but rather discovered on Instagram. And that gift for dad? Found its way under the tree following a seamless social checkout.” – Facebook, 2019

It is vital to get in front of users on social media during the festive season. A third of millennials and parents said that posts created by influencers helped them choose what to buy, as people are shifting their window shopping to stories shopping. This is where people are inspired in the earlier stages of their journey for ideas on what to get their friends and family.

Getting your timings right

Users are also shopping earlier than before. According to Facebook, in 2018, 43% of festive shoppers started in November or even earlier. Facebook now classes all of Q4 and into Q1 as the ‘shopping season.’ Facebook also noted that last year the increase began as early as October, and by the end of November, 1 in 10 festive shoppers had finished their shopping.

It is important to have a planned strategy in place that considers the changing ways in which users are shopping during the festive period, as well as considering when to launch your campaigns and on which platform.

Establishing a dialogue

Utilising Messenger during the festive period can be a great way to interact with your customers, build loyalty, and push sales. 65% of festive shoppers are more likely to shop with businesses they can message, and more customers are contacting businesses through Messenger.

The number of messages sent every month between businesses and people has increased ten-fold in just three years and now sits at 20 billion every month.

Some of the reasons why festive shoppers around the world are messaging businesses:

  • 48% find out more details about a product
  • 43% purchase a product
  • 37% find out shop information

32% of shoppers during the festive season last year said they messaged a business. So, providing a good user experience will be able to set your brand apart during the most competitive season of the year for most businesses.

Inspiring festive emotion

Delivering personalised messaging beyond just FAQs is key for generating that festive experience your users are looking for.

Consumers say that shopping in stores provides them with festive ambiance and emotion. Recreating this experience should be considered when generating your Messenger strategy. Create a guided experience in Messenger that informs your customers of seasonal offerings (such as discount codes) to encourage purchases.

As mobile shopping increases, people are using their mobile phones during the festive season to make their Christmas shopping decisions. This creates a fantastic opportunity for businesses to generate inspiration for prospective customers and get in front of the right audience, removing any friction from their shopping experience and guiding them to completing their purchases.

Why wait? Take over the new era of digital shopfronts by pushing your brand on social media this season.

Our social media specialists here at Coast Digital can help you get the most out of your social media marketing strategy, simply get in touch today!

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