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Recently Google has been slowly rolling out a new Home View across Google Analytics accounts. We finally have the new Home View, so what’s changed?

Data that’s automatically configured for you

In short, we have been treated to a mega report when we login to Google Analytics. Think of it as a report or dashboard that picks out key metrics – the beauty here is that no configuration is required on your part.

It’s automatically configured to your set up – if you have goals or ecommerce data it will even pull these in automatically. The objective here is to make it easier to pick out key insights for your business or client.

Reports that answer your Analytics questions

At present the dashboards contain the following reports and each report is labelled with helpful questions that frame the data:

  • Google Home View – this tells us key engagement figures at a glance, e.g. how many users, sessions, the bounce rate and session duration.
  • ‘When do your users visit?’
  • ‘How do you acquire users?’
  • ‘Where are your users?’
  • ‘How are your active users trending over time?’
  • ‘How well do you retain users?’
  • ‘What are your top devices?’
  • ‘What pages do your users visit?’
  • ‘How are you performing against goals?’
  • ‘How are your AdWords campaigns performing?’

All the reports are self-explanatory and you can hover over the report to gain a bit more detail, or if that is not sufficient, you can click through to the main report in Google Analytics.

Making data visual

The biggest change is how visual the report is, which follows design cues from the new AdWords interface that is also rolling out. It really does make it easier to pick out key insights at speed.

All the reports are also customisable. You are able to change the date range and we have even been treated to new default preset ranges to choose from. We have been introduced to: Last 28 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, Quarter to Date, Last 12 Months, This Year and Last Year. It would be great if these preset ranges were eventually included in Google Analytics and not limited to this new view.

This new Home View report replaces the current default landing page (the Audience Overview Report), which is still available but now requires you to navigate to ‘Audience’ and ‘Overview’ in the side navigation.

We like it – but what do you think?

We think the Home View looks great and it has gone down well in the office. The changes should make it that bit easier to pull out key insights quickly and generally get more out of Google Analytics.

What do you think of the new Analytics Home View? Let us know in the comments below!

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