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If lead generation is an important goal for your business, then your website should be a tool that helps you achieve that objective. Your website can generate leads through telephone calls, surveys, email sign-ups and more.

However, whilst these methods can be effective for capturing high quantitative data, there are also ways in which you can improve your website in order to generate a higher quality and quantity of interested customers.

5 Lead Generation Tips

Every website is unique – there is no single format or layout that will appeal to every type of customer. However, there are general tips you can use as a basis for optimising your website with lead generation in mind. Let’s take a closer look at these tips:

#1 Remarket to Stalling Visitors

If a visitor has dwelled on a quote submission page for a while or has clicked to another page without submitting, have a pop-up message that displays to offer help or to ask if there is a reason they haven’t submitted a quote, as this will provide useful feedback.

Remarket to Stalling Visitors

#2 Prominent Telephone Number

Test different variations of phone number placements, colours, and sizes on your website when you’re looking to generate phone calls.

Prominent Telephone Number

#3 Set Clear Expectations for Your Users

Make it clear what a visitor can expect when submitting their details. Will they be called or emailed? If so, when can they expect to receive an email or call?

Display these facts clearly, and if possible, give them an option to specify when they would like to be contacted.

Set Clear Expectations for Your Users

#4 Only Take What You Need

Make sure that your website’s forms only have fields that will give you information you need.

Do you need to know their occupation, salary income, or company name before further contact? If not, don’t include it – unnecessary fields make forms look intimidating and may scare users off.

Only Take What You Need

#5 Thank You Page

Display a page that confirms to the user that the form has been submitted, such as a “thank you” page. Nothing is more frustrating than inputting the same details again due to a lack of confirmation.

Thank You Page

Generate More Quality Leads

Following the tips above can help you improve your website’s performance and generate a higher amount of quality leads solely through the quality, clarity and accessibility of your conversion goals.

Find out more about how you can optimise your website’s performance by reading our free guide to CROConversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) – An Incremental Path to Success.

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