Elixirr Digital

A couple of months ago, we welcomed back the team from A+C Studios for another evening of stop-motion animation fun.

This time, we swapped out plasticine for Lego and Coast Digital were let loose with The A-Team as our theme.

lego minifigures
You can imagine the excitement on being presented with mountains of Lego to work with. We split in to four teams, planned out our story lines and set to work reliving our childhood, constructing sets and characters out of Lego, ready for their film debut. Helicopters, Mr T’s iconic van and many other blocky works of art quickly took shape.

set building
Then came the filming. In our teams, we painstakingly used stop-motion to animate our short masterpieces, frame by frame.

With plenty of pizza and drinks to fuel us, and a little technical wizardry from the guys at A+C, this action-packed BLOCKbuster was the result.


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