How to Analyse Email Data to Understand Your Customers’ Behaviour


Times are tough, marketing budgets are being squeezed, and we’re all being asked to do more with less. It’s even more essential to account for every penny spent and show the return on investment for our marketing budgets.

So when I had the opportunity to speak at TFM&A this year that’s exactly where I started.

The topic of the presentation was email marketing and I had the pleasure of presenting it along with one of our clients; Talia Findlay, Digital Marketing Manager of Wiltshire Farm Foods.


We shared a data based case study from Wiltshire Farm Foods email marketing activities to help us demonstrate that even with the most basic data, you can get some really powerful information. All you then need to do is apply that knowledge to your campaign in order to make improvements.

This may seem an obvious assumption to make, but when you discover that 34% of businesses can’t calculate email marketing ROI then its clear there is room for improvement. Wiltshire Farm Foods know exactly how much revenue they make from email marketing, and as a result it has made a huge difference to how they manage their channel mix.

Take a look through our slide deck and watch the video below to discover more:

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