Advanced Web Ranking; An Overview


Understanding the visibility of your websites is vital in conducting effective online marketing campaigns but checking rankings is on the whole a monotonous, time consuming activity that is multiplied when you consider lengthy keyword targets and different search engines.

This is why so many online marketing professionals turn to seo software to find out their rankings and positions. Unfortunately the glut in rankings software out there has led to some less than perfect offerings that lack key features. Thankfully Advanced Web Ranking from Caphyon cannot be classified as such, and clearly time and effort have been spent during the development.

Key Features of Advanced Web Ranking

Having tried a number of different pieces of rankings software Advanced Web Rankings offers a refreshing alternative with a simple interface and a host of useful features.

Keyword Tracking
At the most basic level the software will enable you to carry out and analyse search engine rankings. This is performed automatically by submitting internet queries through browser emulation and proxy rotation, providing useful insight into the overall performance of your website and the keyword groups that are providing most successful.


AWR Rank Chart

GA Integration
This is a highly useful benefit considering the almost standardisation of Google Analytics across the industry and means that you can match up your keyword data with the visitor data. Once again, this provides insight into how people use your website when they land form certain keywords and groups.

Link Analysis
Building links still represents a key objective for many SEOs and Caphyon have paid heed to this with a link building tool incorporated within the Advanced Web Ranking software. It’s certainly useful, although I do not think that it is the strongest feature of the software.

Keyword Research
Increasing frustration with the accuracy of AdWords Keyword Tool has made researching target keywords a chore in recent years. Fortunately the inclusion of keyword research tools with AWR makes research much easier and more straightforward to complete.

As with any agency we are judged on our results and so any software I choose to use must have effective reporting features. After a short period of use I found it possible to set up automated, insightful reports relatively easily.

A great feature of AWR is the fact that all the data that is harvested from search engines is stored locally, meaning that we have sole ownership of it and that we can ensure its security.

Everyone is interested in the social reach of their website and with social signals earmarked as one of the next big algorithm updates it is encouraging to see AWR has incorporated Facebook and Twitter features. These features show your website’s mentions and tweets, typically in a handy graph for ease of interpretation.

Overall Impressions of AWR
Whilst I cannot say I have tested every piece of keyword rankings software out there I have dabbled with my fair share. Overall AWR provides a good user experience letting me research various aspects of my campaigns’ rankings, analytics and linking. The report generation I found particularly useful as once set up correctly it provided a concise and easy to understand interpretation of online visibility as a whole.

Advanced Web Ranking is available from Caphyon with a number of different feature levels and license options.

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