Working with Harambee for Kenya


Having recently returned as Managing Director of Coast Digital I am keen to share some of my experiences from the past 2 years, particularly the work I have been undertaking with the charity Harambee for Kenya. Just a few weeks ago I was over in Kenya with Harambee, helping them to improve the lives of street kids as part of my own personal support for the charity, but also Coast Digital’s corporate sponsorship.

Who are Harambee for Kenya?

Harambee for Kenya is a small charity committed to helping the thousands of children living on the streets of Kenya. These vulnerable children beg or scavenge for food on rubbish tips, sleep in the streets and are exposed to extreme risk throughout their daily lives.

Harambee for Kenya offers refuge from this existence by providing safety, shelter, food, clothing and education in the areas most severely affected by child homelessness, enabling these children to become valued members of society. Currently they do this from a safe house in Kisii that houses 37 boys, although there are plans to open another in Meru district and to establish a drop in centre in Kisii to help them reach even more children.

My Personal Involvement

I’ve been involved with Harambee for over 4 years and find each visit an immensely humbling experience. Working with a small charity is particularly rewarding, it allows me to engage and assist at ground level through providing not only sponsorship, but also time and expertise. I have found it especially rewarding sharing my insights into business and marketing with those undergoing the transition from child to adult, helping them to set up their own small businesses and forge out on their own.

My recent trip was hugely productive and in amongst the painting and odd jobs around the safe house, we found the time to visit some of the boys that had set up businesses. Some of Harambee’s plans for the future were also discussed, including the establishment of the Future Fund. This fund will help the boys of the safe house realise their dreams and ambitions, whether that entails enrolment to university, an apprenticeship, vocational training or investment into a business. For children living beneath the poverty line and with limited life opportunities, such a resource is crucial in helping to restore their hope and to give them a chance of achieving their goals.

How You can Help

As a personal supporter of Harambee for Kenya I have nothing but respect for the work they undertake and find it extremely rewarding to see the difference my support and the corporate sponsorship from Coast Digital makes. If you are interested in supporting Harambee for Kenya you can do so here or contact them at

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