Twitter: A B2B Best Practice Guide


The role of Twitter in marketers’ kit bags has grown hugely since its launch in 2006; for brands, Twitter is no longer optional – it’s essential. It has enabled B2B marketers to enter the realms of social media marketing, allowing them to ‘talk’ and ‘listen’ to their customers. It is an easily shareable platform for organisations to spread key messages to wider audiences, develop the brand, improve customer service, drive leads and sales, as well as strengthen their position as thought leaders.

It’s important B2B brands thinking about, or already, using Twitter for marketing incorporate social media into their overall marketing strategy. B2B Marketing have compiled a Best Practice Guide which looks at the first principles of Twitter through to highly sophisticated techniques. It examines all aspects of creating a sound Twitter strategy to build up brand loyalty and gain customers’ trust. Measurement and monitoring tools to demonstrate the value of Twitter for brand development, customer service and thought leadership is also covered.

As a B2B marketer who uses Twitter I’m delighted to have been asked to contribute to this guide; I look at the role of Twitter for thought-leadership but the whole guide will help B2B marketers meet different marketing objectives. It is a key resource for anyone who wants to optimise their use of Twitter, brand marketers, customer service heads, digital marketing professionals, heads of marketing, heads of social media, marketing directors, marketing executives, marketing managers, PR agencies and teams, and anyone involved in the process of defining or re-defining social media strategies.

Synopsis of Section 6: Using Twitter for thought leadership

Thought leadership is an essential element of the marcomms mix, with Twitter being a key tool to build your company profile to your target audience.

This section explores practical ways of being thought leaders and the different methods of outputting your content with the greatest effect. It will show you how to set, track and measure core metrics to demonstrate the greatest ROI, giving you something to get started with.

Using Twitter as a distribution tool to promote your content and choosing spokespeople from within your organisation to be the human face of your corporate position will reinforce your stance as thought leaders within your industry.

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