Christmas shopping – why use the high street?


I’ve always hated Christmas shopping, mainly because I hate shopping in general. But throw in crowds of people walking into each other with more bags than fingers on each hand, the swift change between freezing streets and super-heated shops, and the vast array of one-month-only Christmas stores/tack-mongers and you’ve got a shopping experience on another level altogether.

Last Saturday I managed to brave Ipswich town centre to get some prezzies and unfortunately I experienced all of the above. Some might say, I’m a ‘scrooge’, and that shopping at Christmas is all part of the festive season, but from now on count me out.

The following morning I sat on my couch with my laptop, in the warm, in nothing but my underwear and a dressing gown and finished my Christmas shopping. Compared to my previous day’s experience, it was a dream. Surely this is the future…

Not only did I finish my Christmas shopping in the comfort of my own home, but I also saved money. Not just on extortionate car parking prices, but on the gifts as well.

Shopping online using price comparison services allows us to compare the price of products at every shop on the high street at just a click of a button. Once we’ve found the cheapest price, we can make it cheaper with a search for ‘discount codes’. Then find your chosen retailer on Quidco and get your cashback on top of that. I ended up getting a gift worth £180 on the high street for £155 delivered. That’s £25 saved on one gift.

With 65% of households now having broadband access, and people driving themselves further into debt to pay for a Christmas they can’t afford, I just don’t understand why so many people are still using the high street.

Good luck to them I say, I’m happy on the couch!

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