Google release search-based keyword tool


This week has seen the release of a new keyword tool from Google – the Search-based Keyword Tool.

This tool is extremely useful for scouting out competitor’s keyword traffic and assessing the competitiveness within a specific business sector.

Google are now linking many tools and data together. You’ll see from clicking the magnifying glass symbol that the data is linked to Google Insights, so you can see trends behind the keyword target.

Google are also cleverly linking related keywords to categories too. You’ll notice there’s a range of 10 categories your searches may be applicable to – ranging from Apparel to Real Estate.

The Search-based Keyword Tool is only available to the UK and USA at the moment but is another sign of Google opening up more of the data they have stored up!

It’s also interesting to see how open Google are about estimated CPC’s in AdWords; these figures feature prominently throughout all of the reports.

The Online Marketing team here at Coast Digital is always interested to hear what tools our readers are using for their campaigns – do you rely too much on Google’s free reporting tools?

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