More reasons to love Google Webmaster Tools


Webmasters around the globe have been jumping with joy after a recent addition to Google webmaster tools:

Google have recently released a new feature which integrates into the existing Diagnostics > Web crawl menu in Webmaster Tools. Before now, Google would inform you of 404 errors which broken links would return, which would leave webmasters with the ‘exciting’ task of finding the offending broken links, which was like trying to finding a needle in a haystack.

The great new feature appears as “Linked From” in the Web Crawl overview (see image) which pinpoints the page(s) which link to a non-existent page.

Screen shot from Google Webmaster Tools

But that’s not all! Not only does Google inform you of errors in your internal linking, it also gives you the web addresses of external sites which link to you incorrectly. This means that webmasters can arrange for these external links to be corrected and benefit from some extra in-bound link juice.

For those who have a large number of errors, Google have added the ability to download all your site’s crawl error sources at once.

Screen shot from Google Webmaster Tools

Google have obviously listened to feedback from webmasters and have again come up with the goods. Not only will this save us all time but this should ultimately save Google time in processing all the broken links and 404 pages they come across when crawling the web.

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