How growth in online ad spend is set to continue


New research has shown that over £3bn was spent on online ad campaigns in 2007. This is a new record in terms of online and represents 16% of the total UK market.

The continuing trend is for online advertising taking market share from the more traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and direct mail.

It’s interesting that the internet continues to be the biggest growth channel as press advertising shows slow decline.

I believe the research from the Advertising Association and the World Advertising Research Centre points to continued growth of marketing you can measure through online channels despite the air of gloom cast by the credit crunch.

In fact there are so many factors driving the move to online. These are most notably:

  • the innate measurability and transparent ROI delivered by online channels
  • the obvious cost benefits
  • growing environmental concerns; online is a ‘greener’ technology
  • continuing changes in consumer behaviour

Everything points towards online ad spend continuing to grow and gain market share.

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