How to get more from your CMS website


In business a content management system-driven website is often a must. A CMS website puts the power in your hands, enabling even the most non-technical staff to keep web content fresh and up-to-date.

This is incredibly important; because as far as I’m concerned a website which isn’t regularly updated is a dead website. A site offering fresh, engaging, relevant content will keep me – and others – coming back for more.

To ensure your website acts as an optimal communication channel it’s worth keeping the following points in mind:


Update content regularly. Schedule regular website updates. You’ve paid for CMS functionality. Use it. Think about the amount of time you’d spend preparing and proofreading an offline publication like a sales brochure. Now apply the same concept to your website. Remember it’s not just users that like fresh content, search engines love it too.


Maintaining consistency ensures your website retains a professional appearance and also boosts its usability. Users can easily be confused if they encounter inconsistencies and might leave and never return. A good CMS lays the groundwork for consistency; but nevertheless try to stick to the same font size, colours, usage of upper and lower case, and spellings etc.


In the same way that you need to keep adding regular, fresh content, ensure that what you add is relevant to your target audience. Think about what they are looking for, what their issues are, and address them. And don’t use business jargon. Use language your users can follow.


There’s no point in adding new content if you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve. Have clear goals and establish metrics. For example, do you know what your traffic conversion ratio is? Or do you measure what pages – the homepage aside – attract the most traffic?

A CMS website should help you achieve the above and much more. If you want to find out more CMS websites read about our CMS services here..

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