Google launches gadget ads


Google has launched – with launched functionality – a new ad format that will run on its rapidly growing content network. The difference between gadget ads and the regular array of ads on Google Adwords is that these ads are interactive and they can be developed in HTML and Flash.

These ads can be placed on any site on Google content network – including iGoogle – and offer Google’s extensive range of targeting options, including geographic, demographic, contextual and site targeting.

What about cost? Well as with the other ads you can use on the content network, these ads work on a cost per impression or cost per click basis, which makes them very versatile.

Reporting on Gadget Ads, as with other ads, is made simple. As these ads are made to be interactive, Google allows you to track a whole range of different “interactions” to make the reporting experience even better.

I’m looking forward to seeing these ads hit our screens over the coming months; my only worry is we will be flooded with those annoying “swat the fly and win” style ads (as if there isn’t enough of those already!).

For a preview of some of the new gadget ads that are already performing on the content network, take a look here. I particularly like this one; it’s a great exploitation of the power of rich media advertising.

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