Facebook make profiles public


Social networking giant Facebook has made most of its users’ profiles potentially open to the public. The addition of a profile search bar to the homepage of the site now allows anyone to browse users’ profiles.

They don’t stop there though. Within the next month Facebook will allow search engine spiders to index their profiles, meaning your Facebook profile could be found not only by someone using their new search box, but you could also be found via Google, MSN, Yahoo and the rest of the major search engines.

This will undoubtedly cause huge controversy amongst the Facebook community. But this is something Facebook seem to enjoy. It was only yesterday I saw an article on Facebook’s “F**k Islam” group and the 50,000 or more people who have joined a group to protest its being.

However, if you’re already a registered Facebook user, you do have the option to alter your privacy settings. Read more on the Facebook blog.

With 30 million active users, Facebook seem to be doing something right. But it will be interesting to see how these changes go down with the community.

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