UK SEO spend set to surpass PPC this year


Anyone who works in search marketing will tell you that UK companies spend a vast amount of money on pay per click (PPC) every year due to the clearly measurable ROI and market coverage.

However, according to e-consultancy spending on search engine optimisation (SEO) will surpass paid search this year in the UK. Although SEO and PPC are set to grow by more than 50%, it seems that people are concerned with click fraud and keyword inflation. As a result, this is driving more people toward organic search according to e-consultancy’s ‘Search Engine Marketing – A Buyer’s Guide’ report.

Although SEO is more complex and tends to cost more upfront than paid search, it nearly always proves more cost-effective in the long term. This once again reminds us of the importance of targeting both PPC and SEO in our online marketing strategy and not putting all our eggs in one basket.

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