The battle of the social networks


The past six months has seen a phenomenal growth in social networking. This latest craze is huge. It’s being talked about in the media, amongst friends and family, work colleagues, as a part of everyday conversation. It’s become an extension of the real world. It’s certainly part of my world!

The latest headlines to hit the media this week reported that Bebo have hit the top spot, attracting a phenomenal 10.6 million unique visitors from within the UK in July. This was closely followed by rival, MySpace, which enjoyed a 25 percent increase in traffic, reaching 10.1 million unique visitors. But the fastest growing social networking website, Facebook, has grown 366 percent since the start of the year to attract an audience of 7.6 million unique visitors in July 2007.

Facebook has also very cleverly taken a leap into the mobile web and joined iPhone by creating a new Facebook mobile site for them. iPhone hasn’t even been out for two months yet, but it has already changed the way people think about the mobile web.

I’m pretty confident by the end of this year Facebook will knock Bebo off the top spot…. Watch this space!

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