Programmatic Display & Real Time Bidding


Programmatic Display & Real Time Bidding

Yesterday marked the final Coast Digital Webinar of 2017, with Digital Strategy Director, Darren Bond, presenting a session on Programmatic Display & Real Time Bidding.

This is a topic that still mystifies many but with it having quickly become the primary method for buying display placements, it is something that all marketers should familiarise themselves with. It is only set to grow in 2018.

In this webinar Darren went back to basics, to explain what Programmatic actually is, how it works, where the data comes from, and how it can be used effectively. He gave a clear summary of the pros and cons associated and touched upon the current understanding of how GDPR will impact its use. He also provided a couple of real life case studies that demonstrate its scalability and suitability for both B2C and B2B marketing.

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If Display Advertising is something you are looking at trialing for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to one of our experts about how it could work for you.

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