Membership and Trade Organisations Marketing

A full service digital marketing agency for Membership and Trade Organisations


Membership and Trade Organisations Marketing

A full service digital marketing agency for Membership and Trade Organisations

For nearly 20 years, Elixirr Digital has worked with a wide array of membership organisations and trade associations, to help them with the unique challenges experienced with their business model.

These challenges include:

  • Traditional offline channels performing less well
  • Making use of the huge array of available channels
  • A joined up multichannel approach that blends digital and offline
  • Awareness and reach – often among a niche audience
  • Conversion – for both acquisition of new members, and retention of existing members
  • Member retention – with high drop out after a year
  • The difficulty of providing an engaging digital experience which provides ongoing perceived value

Full service offering for Membership Organisations

User Research

We have found that User Research is invaluable in creating an effective digital strategy for Membership Organisations.

Knowing exactly who your audience are and understanding their journey and motivations enables you to deliver impactful messaging, providing them with the right content at each point in their membership journey.

Our UX team can provide you with important insights into your users and how they interact with your website and marketing. We have an onsite UX Biometrics Research Lab, along with a mobile lab, so that we can set up at nearly any location across the globe, to conduct usability research.

Digital Strategy

We can help you craft a comprehensive multichannel digital strategy, which leverages the right channels for your audience, and incorporates the 3 core strategy areas of:

  • Acquisition
  • Conversion
  • Retention

Digital Marketing

As a full service digital marketing agency, we can provide an extensive range of marketing solutions across multiple digital channels, including:

Website Development & Design

Your website should be at the heart of your digital presence, providing clear and simple journeys for potential and existing members alike.

A website that delivers an engaging experience across multiple devices, provides easy accessibility for all users, and that clearly signposts them to the right information to meet their needs is vital.

We have 18 years’ of experience in creating such websites, and have helped Membership Organisations and Trade Associations achieve this, based on a solid grounding of user research.



How strategic thinking can drive acquisition and retention for membership organisations and trade associations

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