Core Web Vitals – Everything You Need to Know

Over the last few years, Google has rolled out a number of major updates that promise to change the landscape of search. With the upcoming implementation of Core Web Vitals, May 2021 is set to be another shift in the way that Google indexes sites.

If your site performs well against the tests set by Core Web Vitals, then you could see rankings go up. This update is a great opportunity to get ahead of your search competitors.

In this webinar, Strategy Director, Darren Bond talks us through Core Web Vitals, including:

  • What they are and how to measure them
  • The impact of site speed across inbound marketing channels
  • Actionable tips for analysing and improving your site


Make sure your website survives the latest SEO update by watching our webinar today!

Core Web Vitals Webinar

Meet The Host: Darren Bond

Darren Bond

As Digital Strategy Director at Elixirr Digital, Darren has been instrumental in shaping the agency's service offering since joining Elixirr Digital in 2006. Darren's vast experience in all aspects of digital marketing allows him to deliver value to clients by helping them shape their digital opportunity into multi-channel strategies.

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"Elixirr Digital is still the best agency I have worked with in my 26 years in marketing, especially regarding topics that are important for my team in digital marketing: analytics, innovation, customer focused, consulting, reliability and finally kindness of people."

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