Case Study


Driving high quality leads through social advertising with Northwood’s online valuation tool.

Case Study


Driving high quality leads through social advertising with Northwood’s online valuation tool.

Northwood are a national estate agent that service landlords and tenants, as well as home buyers and sellers, across the UK.

Northwood created a tool that allows users to get a free online valuation of their property. They asked us how it could be used as a central asset for ongoing digital marketing as part of a direct response lead generation campaign.

We’ve run several campaigns using the online valuation tool as the centrepiece – each time we do, we’re able to learn more about the target audience, what they respond to and how we can drive better results for Northwood.

Why the campaign works

The great thing about the online valuation tool is that it provides valuable information to both the advertiser and the audience.

For the users, we can give them something they really want – a picture of how much they could expect their property to be worth if they wanted to either sell it or rent it out.

For Northwood, we’re able to drive leads from people that have shown an interest in renting or selling a property – the exact people that Northwood want to speak to.

Finally, we have the perfect channel to reach people with this kind of valuable asset. Facebook allows us to put the online valuation tool in front of the right people, and gives them a forum to discuss and share the results.

Striving for the best results

The more data our experts have access to, the better we’re able to optimise our campaigns. The massive improvements we’ve seen in the results from each iteration of the online valuation campaign is proof that our methodology drives success.

For example, based on our insights from the previous campaign, we tested a change in bidding strategy – optimising towards conversions instead of clicks by using a Facebook pixel on the Northwood website to record the conversions.

That change, alongside others made by our social advertising team, allowed us to achieve:

  • 44% reduction in CPA
  • 185% increase in conversion rate

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