Case Study

Retailer of High Value Premium Products

CRO provided impressive returns from a key landing page

Case Study

Retailer of High Value Premium Products

CRO provided impressive returns from a key landing page

increase in form submissions
increase in calls
increase in overall leads

We have a longstanding and successful relationship with a manufacturer and retailer, and they recently began a Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) retainer with us for one of their high value premium product websites.

Due to agreements in place we are unable to include the name of the brand featured in this case study.

Having assessed their marketing performance, we set the target of improving their PPC landing page conversion rate. To achieve this, we tested alternate variations of a PPC Landing Page focused on product rental.

This test allowed us to determine if permanent changes to the landing page would generate a substantially higher amount of leads for the rental element of the business.


Improving a successful template

We had already created a successful rental landing page for another region, so we used this as a template for the PPC Landing Page A/B test. The test would be a 50/50 split – one in two visitors would see Variation A, and the same for Variation B.

We added an on-page submission form and more Call-to-Action buttons in the form of an interactive phone number and a chat function – following the other regional template.

However, we also went further by adding testimonials, an explanatory video, bullet points within the copy, and removed navigation to other pages – as to centre the focus on the landing page.

After 5 weeks of testing, the statistics told us that the new variation of the rental PPC landing page (Variation B) was not only the winner of the test, but also a resounding success in its own right.

The results of the test

When comparing the new rental PPC landing page with the old variation, we saw the following results for paid traffic:

  • A 233% Increase in form submissions
  • A 268% increase in calls
  • A 290% Increase in overall leads

Crucially, we saw that the new page had a conversion rate of 19.4% compared to 5.4% for the old version.

People were spending significantly less time on the winning variation B, suggesting that they spent less time trying to determine the next step and more time making phone calls and submitting forms – contributing to this big increase in conversion and thus an improvement in total sales figures.


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