Creating and managing a powerful social media campaign, achieving outstanding results with a limited budget.



Creating and managing a powerful social media campaign, achieving outstanding results with a limited budget.

Increase in impressions
Increase in link clicks
Increase in click-through rate

About the brand  

With over 198,500 members and students around the world, ICAEW is a global professional organisation dedicated to empowering chartered accountants with the knowledge and values they need to build sustainable economies on a local and global scale.  

Establishing the client’s needs 

Our social media experts were determined to prove that you don’t need a huge budget to achieve stunning results. With their astounding track record of managing successful paid social media campaigns for ICAEW, they were confident they could deliver an impressive campaign on a smaller budget – and they did just that! 

The social media campaign was to promote ICAEW’s Virtual Skills Conference. This online conference takes place every year and aims to help accountancy students develop their employability skills. Attendees can take part in a series of sessions hosted by expert speakers to help boost their confidence and support their future careers.  

Our goal was not only to raise awareness about the event but also to drive traffic to the registration page and increase the number of attendees. Leveraging what we learned from a previous awareness campaign for the conference (taking place in 2021), our team was determined to up the ante and improve the results of this campaign. 

Creating and managing a stellar paid social media campaign  

Our team of paid social media experts planned and launched a campaign that took place between 29th August and 28th September 2022. The campaign was set up to target accountancy students across these countries: 

  • Vietnam 
  • Indonesia 
  • Malaysia 
  • Singapore 
  • China 
  • Mauritius 
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Dubai 
  • Cyprus 
  • Greece 

We knew that this campaign would be a bit of a challenge because our team had a budget that was 11% lower than the previous campaign, but they were up to the task!  

To make the most of our limited resources, we added eye-catching video assets to our ads to make them more engaging and introduced countdown posts to build excitement leading up to the event. What’s more, we also got creative with our targeting parameters by grouping countries by time zones, which allowed us to reach larger audiences, while giving the platforms more flexibility to optimise the ads. 

Big results on a smaller budget 

Not only did we receive significantly more traffic on our posts, but we also saw a staggering 175% increase in impressions (3,500,539 impressions, to be precise!) and a whopping 632% increase in link clicks compared to the previous campaign.  

And if that wasn’t impressive enough, our click-through rate skyrocketed by 168%. But the best part? We were able to achieve all of these incredible results while spending less money. Talk about a win-win!  

By carefully reviewing our previous campaign and making strategic changes, we were able to launch and execute a highly successful campaign that exceeded all of our expectations – and the client’s too! 

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Working with Stacey and Lucy was an absolute pleasure. They provided regular updates on the campaign along with detailed advice in both the run-up and after the event, advising on ways it could be improved. The numbers achieved were fantastic and Elixirr Digital played an instrumental role in the delivery of this campaign.

Tom Carson,
Marketing Assistant

Sectors: Finance, Membership Organisation|Subjects: Social Media