Case Study

Domino Printing Sciences

A 150% year-on-year increase in website leads

Case Study

Domino Printing Sciences

A 150% year-on-year increase in website leads

Y-o-Y growth in website visits
increase in leads in 3 months

Domino Printing Sciences plc is a FTSE 250 listed company, providing market leading Industrial printers, technologies and solutions.

They required an online marketing strategy to increase visibility. Whilst the importance of digital was understood however, the finer details of strategic elements were not.

Proving the value of digital to the board was also a priority, with a short campaign that was heavily focused on generating ROI.

Planning for positive ROI

Commercial objectives included doubling the monthly website leads through increasing traffic and conversions.

The target audience was profiled whilst competitors and market opportunity were analysed.

Paid and organic search were identified as important channels for achieving the campaign objectives.

After reviewing the website and recommending improvements, both paid and organic campaigns started.

A campaign that exceeded commercial objectives

The overall campaign proved the concept of digital marketing to the Domino Board, which is now committed to accomplishing long term objectives online.

A 150% increase in leads was generated within the first 3 months of the campaign through enhancing search visibility and increasing traffic, which grew by 40% year-on-year.

“A creative, professional and very talented group of individuals, who have all worked together to deliver some very impressive and quantifiable results.”

Neil Stickland,
Digital Project Manager, Domino Printing Sciences plc

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