Achieving exceptional results for Autodesk through programmatic display ad campaigns.


Achieving exceptional results for Autodesk through programmatic display ad campaigns.


What we did

About the brand

Autodesk is changing how the world is designed and made. Their technology spans architecture, engineering, construction, product design, manufacturing, media and entertainment, empowering innovators everywhere to solve challenges big and small. From greener buildings and smarter products to mesmerizing blockbusters, Autodesk software helps customers design and make a better world for all.

Operating as a division within Autodesk, Autodesk Platform Services offers a range of specialised APIs, tools, and services to help their customers harness the full potential of their software solutions.

With a primary focus on providing expertise and support throughout the software development process, our client aims to empower businesses to achieve their business goals via building applications that connect workflows, streamline collaboration, and automate processes. Through consulting, training, and implementation assistance, they ensure the successful adoption of technology across diverse industries.

The goal: Attracting construction and software development professionals

The objective of the campaign was to attract professionals and software developers in the construction industry to a dedicated landing page where they can learn more, sign up for a webinar, and test out a free trial.

Our team of experts were tasked with targeting English-speaking countries in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), the United States and Canada. To maximise the effectiveness of the campaign, our specialists segmented the audience into two distinctive categories: technology and business.

The technology category focussed on reaching individuals involved in the technical aspects of construction projects, such as software developers, systems integrators, and IT managers. Meanwhile, the business category targeted project and product managers responsible for overseeing construction projects from a business perspective.

Crafting a comprehensive campaign strategy

To engage effectively with Autodesk’s target audience, our savvy team of experts partnered with Bombora – a leading B2B intent data provider. Bombora specialises in analysing data to identify the buying intent signals shown by businesses, providing valuable insights into customer preferences and interests.

Armed with their research and Bombora’s insights, our team of specialists collaborated and used their extensive expertise to craft a comprehensive campaign that will achieve exceptional results for our client.

After careful consideration, our team decided that programmatic display advertising would yield the best outcomes for Autodesk. So, they leveraged the insight collected from Bombora to personalise the programmatic campaigns, tailor the campaign messaging to emphasize the target audience outcomes, and allocate resources efficiently.

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Unprecedented results

The average click-through rate (CTR) for programmatic display advertising can vary significantly depending on factors such as industry, ad format, targeting, and ad quality. However, industry benchmarks suggest the average CTR ranges between 0.1% and 0.3%.

Against all odds, our campaign achieved a mind-blowing CTR of 6.16%, smashing the industry average! In fact, our campaign in AMER (North, Central and South America) achieved the best results, boasting a colossal CTR of 7.44%.

We initially predicted that this campaign would receive 213 clicks (based on historical benchmarks), but our campaign triumphantly drove a staggering 6,534 clicks – massively surpassing our targets.

Moreover, our intelligent audience segmentation strategy paid off, with the business audience engaging at an impressive rate of 6.72% and the tech audience soaring to a remarkable 7.97% engagement rate.

Unlocking invaluable insights

Our journey to success uncovered fascinating insights. Through our ads, we discovered remarkably high CTRs on music streaming apps and sites, aligning perfectly with our target technology audience. According to a survey by LinkedIn, 96% of software engineers listen to music while coding, with 78% preferring music over any other background activity while working on their code.

Thanks to these insights, we plan to incorporate private deals and direct buys with streaming platforms and music providers in future campaigns. By capitalising on music platforms, we can maximise reach and engagement within target segments, elevating campaigns even more.

Typically, developers have a high rate (est. 20%) of ad blocker. So we’ve traditionally stayed away from display. However, with these click through rates ultimately turning into conversions, we struck gold with a conversion rate that was 300% above our target. It’s time to rethink our strategy with display.

Whitey Lawrence,
Marketing Manager, Autodesk

Sectors: Technology|Subjects: Social Media