A Leading Global Payments Provider

Assisting a rebrand with digital lead generation through multiple marketing channels.


A Leading Global Payments Provider

Assisting a rebrand with digital lead generation through multiple marketing channels.

The client  

This client is a true goliath of the payments industry – providing more than 6 million merchants worldwide with leading-edge payment processing solutions and services. 

While undergoing their second rebrand in just 2 years, we supported them with digital campaigns to help drive leads. We provided digital strategy, SEO, PPC and outbound email marketing support, with a particular focus on paid and organic search marketing. 

Please note: We are unfortunately unable to include the name of the brand featured in this case study due to agreements in place.

The challenge  

Following a not-entirely-successful rebrand a couple of years back, our client’s challenge for this re-rebrand was to implement and execute a more effective digital strategy; one that covered all relevant channels with a solid, clearly defined “best practice” approach.  

Understanding what went wrong for our client during their last rebrand gave us valuable insight into some of the challenges being faced so we could help them avoid the same issues this time around.  

Some of these challenges included: 

  • A delayed website launch 
  • Disregarding a recommended SEO launch plan 
  • Disruptive competitor pricing
  • Lack of brand awareness among the target audience
  • Resource constraints  

Enter Elixirr Digital. 

The solution 

Having enjoyed a longstanding professional relationship with this client, we were delighted to help guide them through their recent rebrand, providing valuable support, optimising their outreach and helping to drive leads every step of the way. 

At a more granular level, we ran the following activity:  

Digital Strategy: 

  • Worked closely with the internal and external website development teams to make sure things went as smoothly as possible and that all opportunities were considered. 
  • Product placement, messaging and pricing was considered throughout, to make sure the brand and website were able to successfully compete in the market. 
  • Significant input in site architecture in order to make the most of the opportunities that a site migration presents. 


  • Outlined a full site migration plan – the main element of this plan was the redirect mapping which was key to ensuring existing traffic found its way to the new site after launch. 
  • Full keyword research – this task helped determine how the existing pages of the site should be optimised for the new site launch, and where the opportunities were for creating new content. 
  • Site optimisation – keyword research and a complete review of page titles, headings, and page copy was conducted before launch to make sure the site was fully optimised before going live. 
  • A thorough post-site migration review – including full technical audits, speed analysis and in-depth testing of all redirects to ensure the migration was carried out smoothly.  

The results 

The incredible results we have seen and continue to see truly speak for themselves. 

Leads and sales 

Overall, the first half of 2022 has already outperformed the entirety of 2021 in terms of leads. In terms of sales, they’re already level year-on-year. 

  • Leads are 145% ahead in H1 of 2022 compared with 2021 overall.*
  • Sales are up 101%, with similar spend meaning cost per sale has decreased by more than 51%. 

Organic search 

Organic performance has increased significantly on the website. This enhanced search visibility means that: 

  • Organic leads from H1 2022 are up over 103% up on 2021 in total.   

Paid search 

Paid Search performance has also increased significantly year-on-year: 

  • Lead levels for H1 2022 match the 2021 full year – with less than half the spend! 



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