7 Ways to Optimise Your Email Unsubscribe Process


If your users are no longer interested in what you’re emailing them, then there is a good chance they’ll end up unsubscribing from your mailing list. If you make your unsubscribe process difficult, then you are putting yourself in a position where users may hit the spam button as a quicker and easier way for them to stop receiving mailings from you, and this is not great for your deliverability rate!

There is an argument to just let people go if they want to leave your list, after all there is little value in keeping disengaged users on your list, but there are things you can do to minimise your unsubscribe rate and encourage users to re-engage with your emails and your brand.

I’ve put together some top tips to help you optimise your unsubscribe process and find ways to leverage it for your benefit:

1. Let recipients know what they will be missing out on

A well designed unsubscribe page with persuasive text could make users think twice about unsubscribing. Take some time to craft a compelling unsubscribe page that reminds users why they signed up in the first place.


benefit unsubscribe

boden unsubscribe


2. Encourage users to opt-down instead of opt-out

By allowing subscribers to dictate their email preferences, you could still keep hold of them by giving them the chance to opt down, rather than opting out completely. Allowing users to specify what content they want to hear about, and how often, could help minimise unsubscribe numbers. unsubscribe

Let users select their interests by implementing a preference centre and including this link on all of your emails. Be sure to describe each option and sell the benefits to the user of being on the list.


vouchercodes unsubscribe

3. Don’t ask customers to log in to their account to unsubscribe

You really shouldn’t be asking users to log in to their account in order to remove themselves from a list. This is really annoying for users. Placing barriers in the unsubscribe process will likely result in users hitting the spam button. Do what you can to make the unsubscribe process a one or two click process; do not send users through hoops.

4. Ask users why they are unsubscribing

Asking users why they are leaving is a great way to gain insight that can be used to improve future email marketing activity. However, be warned! Don’t make this a requirement in the unsubscribe process, simply make it an option.


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5. Promote your social channels on your unsubscribe confirmation page

Just because a user does not want to receive your emails anymore, it doesn’t mean that they don’t like you or do not want to hear from you through other channels. Perhaps email just isn’t for them. Be sure to promote your social channels on your unsubscribe page and encourage users to follow you elsewhere.


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6. Don’t send an email to confirm unsubscribe

Sending a final email to confirm the unsubscribe is not needed. In fact it is annoying for users – an unsubscribe confirmation page is enough. You want to leave the user with as good an impression of your brand as you can. Avoiding a faux pas’ like this is a step in the right direction!

7. Don’t make users wait weeks to be removed from your list

On the subject of not annoying users, make sure you remove people from your list as soon as possible. Most ESPs will do this automatically.

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