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Your users lead busy lives, which often results in short attention spans. Therefore if your landing page doesn’t meet your user’s needs, whilst directing them towards your objective quickly, you may have lost them for good! You can spend a fortune on directing traffic to your website, but if your landing page isn’t achieving its objective, then the money you’ve spent acquiring that traffic has been wasted.

So what makes a great landing page then? In this latest edition of Coast TV Michael Bilonick, Account Manager answers that very question by looking deeper into the creation of effective landing pages for your digital marketing campaign.

Video Transcription

“Hi and welcome to another edition of coast TV. My name is Michael and I’m a account manager here at Coast Digital. Today I would like to talk to you about what makes a great landing page.
So in today’s edition we are going to be covering 3 things. We’re going to be covering consistency, clarity and making it happen.

So the first thing; think about where your users come from and make sure you’re repeating the message from there, so if they’ve seen an ad that describes something, make sure that when they go through your landing page that the messaging is consistent so that there is no risk of confusion. Second thing, avoid any kind of switch and bait tactics, so if in your ad you’re offering a 50% off then suddenly someone goes to your landing page and there’s no mentioning of a 50% off offer they’re going to be pretty annoyed about that so make sure that’s consistent. The third thing is that the users must know, like and trust your page, so when they arrive there make sure that you’re using familiar imagery, familiar tone, all of that kind of stuff.

So the second thing on the list here is clarity, so you need to make sure that you’re absolutely clear on what you’re offering, if its 50% off offer make it absolutely clear that it’s an 50% off offer, if you’re offering a free guide or a free report make it absolutely clear that that’s what you’re offering when they exchange their email address for it or phone number or whatever it is you’re asking them for on that landing page. State the unique benefits, so we’re talking about not the benefits of using you but the benefits of them, what benefits are they going to get if they download this free report, what actionable advise or information is it going to give them so make sure that you state those benefits to make it very clear and prove it with testimonials, so credibility is really key so if you’ve got any logos or any customers that have used your products where you can use a testimonial it really helps to add weight to those landing pages.

The third thing is ultimately making it happen, so deep down we’re all procrastinated, we all need a little push to get going and to take the required actions, so try and add some kind of urgency or scarcity to your messaging on that landing page, display a really clear call to action, something that is very obvious that they have to fill out a form or press a button to get what it is that you’re offering them visual q’s are very good as well so some arrows pointing to your call to action, that kind of thing worked very well to push people over the line if you like.

So next up we’re going to be going through what the ideal landing page will look like, we’re going to have a look at an example and point out some of these areas on that so let’s get to it!

Okay so we’ve looked at some of the theory behind what makes a great landing page, let’s have a look at an example and put some of that theory into practice. So at the top here we’ve got the obvious a logo, very important to have your company logo on there, it’s that consistency thing, so they’re more than likely to have seen your logo on the ad itself, they’ll get to know you by your brand effectively, so it’s good to have your logo up there, pretty standard stuff, then we come down and we have our primary headline and our secondary headline, this is where we really want to be making a statement about what it is that the people visiting your landing page are there for. Again consistency, make sure that your messaging is absolutely dead on with what you’ve been saying in your adverts or whatever you’ve been putting out there for people to find this landing page and go to this landing page and the same goes for the intro here as well so it’s just an opportunity for you to say a little bit more about what it is they’ve come to this page to do whether that is to download a guide, a report , whatever action you decide.

Then we’ve got three important points, we find that three is the magic number as it is in many cases, so again this is your opportunity to tell people, let’s use a report for example, those three key takeaways that people are going to get from downloading this report, so from this report you’re going to learn this, this and this, by downloading this guide you’re going to learn this, this and this. Then we’ve got the testimonials, so this is where we’re adding some kind of credibility into what you’re doing, really strengthening the message that you’re a creditable, awesome company and that the people that are visiting your landing page should definitely download this piece of content when they get here. Which brings us neatly over to imagery as well so again consistency is really key if they’re finding your ad, if there’s some imagery in your ad, maybe if you’re doing something on Google display network and they’ve seen that, try and make sure wherever possible that the image they’re seeing is consistent with the one that they’re seeing on the landing page. Then we’ve got this main form area over here which is where we try and make it happen so wherever possible we try and keep forms short as we possibly can, people aren’t usually afraid to giving out their details if of course the piece of content that they’ve come to download is a real value to them and you’ve done the job of selling that by having a consistent logo, primary headline, important points and testimonials and also a really clear call to action. So a bold call to action “download now” making it very clear that this is what you want them to do to part with their details.

So that’s it, that’s what makes a great landing page, hope you’ve enjoyed the video, I am Michael from Coast Digital, thank-you for joining us, as usual like, comment and subscribe below – See you again soon.”

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