How to Use Pay Per Click (PPC) to Raise Brand Awareness


One thing we love doing at Coast Digital is sharing our knowledge with you. As a result of which we’re pleased to announce the launch of our PPC Idea Book. The book is the second in the Idea Book series, the first being based around social media.

To go alongside the launch we’ve intertwined our latest edition of Coast TV to showcase one of the 10 tips that you can find in our latest idea book. Online Marketing Executive, Mike Hall shows us how to use Pay per Click (PPC) advertising to raise brand awareness.

PPC Idea Book

Video Transcription

Hello and welcome to another edition of Coast TV. I’m Mike Hall and today we launch our PPC Idea Book – it’s the second in a series of Idea Books, and this one features 10 Innovative Ways in which you can use Pay Per Click Advertising.

Today I thought we’d take a little look at 1 of those 10 ideas and we’re going to zone in on that to give you a flavour of what you can expect in that PPC Idea Book. We’re going to look at Using Pay Per Click to Raise Brand Awareness. Now usually when we think of pay per click advertising we’re thinking of direct marketing – we’re thinking “How many clicks can I get on my ads? How many visits can I get to my website? We want to convert as many people as possible”. We’re going to change our thinking a bit with this particular method because we want brand awareness, we’re not necessarily after getting people to our site there and then, we just want to get under their skin, we want to subliminally get into their minds.

Now we’re going to use Google’s Display Network for this – Google has over 2 million websites serving over a trillion ad impressions every single month and really what we want to be able to do is use that as effectively as possible to get our brand messaging out. Now you might think “It’s a brand awareness campaign, I want to get my ad seen by as many people as possible, I’ll pay on a cost per thousand basis… I’m actually going to suggest that we don’t do that – we pay on a cost per click basis. That means we only pay when people actually click our ad. Contrast this to TV or newspaper or magazine advertising where you pay just to have your ad seen, we want to only pay when people click on our ad which sort of leads me on to my next point here which is – don’t have a call to action in your ad. This might seem a little bit alien to people who are used to doing pay per click advertising because really (as I said earlier) we want to get as many people to our site as possible, and in particular if you’re running an Adwords campaign, getting people to click is very important because it improves your click through rate, improves your quality score, you pay less for your pay per click advertising. On this occasion we don’t need to worry about that. We don’t want our ad creative to include a call to action, we don’t want to encourage people to click, and if anything we want people to see the ad but not to click because then we don’t have to pay.

What we want to make sure therefore is that our brand and messaging are as clear as possible, as quickly as possible. If you’re using an animated banner perhaps for your creative, make sure that your logo and your brand statement, whatever it might be, what’s unique about you, make sure that is in that first frame. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got stuff after that but make sure that people do see your logo, do see your brand statement.

Also, as I said, there are over 2 million websites on the Google Display Network – really we just want to be showing our ads to those websites that are the most relevant, and that have the highest volume as well so that we can get as many impressions on those relevant websites as possible.

Now the final tip is “Above the Fold”- display your ads above the fold. There is an option to only display ads above the fold – if you don’t click this then the chances are that you will have some of your impressions register as impressions, but people won’t actually see the ad – if they haven’t scrolled down, they won’t actually see the ad, and we want to know that every impression that we serve, people have seen that ad.

So as I say this is just 1 of the 10 ideas in our PPC Idea Book, I hope you’ve enjoyed it, if you have any questions or comments then please do leave them below, other than that, thanks for watching and I’ll look forward to seeing you again.

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